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She wants it all…

My name is ShaeLynn Samuels, and all my life I've settled for second place to my own mother, who is a political legend in our home state of Florida.

So far, I've proven myself through several crucibles, and now I'm a US Senator. Many people would be happy with that accomplishment, but not me.

Because I want more—I want it all.

I'm determined to be POTUS.

And if washed-up TV news host Kevin Markos is my best chance to get elected, then by god, I'll make him come work for me however I have to.

Even if Markos doesn't want to, and even if it means I turn the head of my Secret Service detail loose on him.

Because Special Agent Christopher Bruunt has a secret assignment beyond protecting me—he's warming my bed. And he has a few plans of his own for Kevin Markos.

You see, Christopher and Kevin have a secret history…and Christopher has pictures.

Fiction & Literature
December 28
Lesli Richardson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

WhiteWitch0519 ,

Devastation Trilogy, Book 2, by Lesli Richardson

Panty-melting heat coming your way!

From the time she could walk and talk, every step of her life was set in stone. Or was it? Politics holds no certainty. But nothing can stop ShaeLynn Samuels. Or can it? As Shae climbs higher and higher, she wonders. Then Shae remembers her Momma’s words and takes the giant leap. Can POTUS really be within her reach? But the stress alone…Yes, there are all kinds of stress relief. Her Secret Service agent is every woman’s wet dream. Yeah, right. Like that’s ever going to happen! And the man who might, just might, run her campaign? Gorgeous, but ruined, has no place in her life! All she knows is that, as impossible as it is, she, Senator Shaelynn Samuels, is going to get what she wants, whatever it might be! She—will—do—it! Competition, lies, mud, rumors, and stress be damned! She’s going to get what she wants! Isn’t she?

OH…MY…GOD! I think everything around me nearly went up in flames when I was reading this! Talk about blazing hot and steamy politics! Shae’s story might be even sexier, more off-the-charts hot, and full of political intrigue than Kevin’s! I constantly worried Shae was going to self-destruct, nuke herself, everyone, and everything around her. That’s just how driven she is. I wondered if she was going to survive at all. I was terrified for her, the lengths her dream have pushed her to. Add her supposed stress relief concoction and the flames just burn higher and hotter! I thought Dignity was the sexiest roller coaster ride I’d read outside the Governor Trilogy. Hold onto your hat! You ain’t seen nothing yet! This is 100% unputdownable! The politics are, again, spot on regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum. I didn’t think Ms. Richardson could hit this high again. She didn’t. She went higher! Again, you HAVE to read this! Thank you, Ms. Richardson! This is another post-holiday present I adore!

A final note. This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and BDSM/ ménage sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, this may not be the book for you. Check the book blurbs and reviews available on Goodreads and all the booksellers where the book’s sold. Please use them before buying this book. I loved this book so much! I think you will too!

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

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