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Everything in this reality is energy
We're made entirely of energy. There is energy all around your body. You can see this energy with your eyes if you know how. It's called aura reading. You can take photos of this energy in a process called Kirlian photography.

Energy is not limited to energy healers
You have it, I have it, everyone has it. You're in possession of pure Prana Mana Qi (sounds fancier in another language, but what they represent is energy) right now! Don't waste it! DIY be your own Energy Healer!

Small aches and pains
For little things that happen in the course of the day, you can definitely rely on yourself. This is not to say to give up on working with healers completely, because sometimes working with someone with more experience can be a great help in healing. But it's not because she or he is better than you; it's because the pros work on it daily. You'll get really good if you do it daily too. Say your back is hurting after a long day digging in the garden. Lay your hands on the sore spot and feel immediate relief. Headache? Give the entire head a boost by laying on hands. It's easy, it's fun, and it works! As with everything I say in this book, don't take my word for it, give it a try and witness miracle healing. DIY!

Emergency Situations
For an emergency situation – say you fell, tripped, or somehow hurt yourself – immediately apply energy healing on the affected area before the doctor gets to you or you're taken to the hospital emergency room. It never hurts; it can only help! Your own positive energy is the first wave of healing. This works wonders! The importance of immediate DIY energy healing cannot be underestimated.

Persistent Conditions
Seek healing from a healer AND rely on yourself. Gradually see the healer less and less and rely on your own energy more and more.
For very serious conditions, cancer and the like, obviously seek medical intervention, healing from healers, AND rely on yourself. Practice often the mantra given below. Visualize being healed by the pain. Know that you are being healed. As the condition improves, see the healer less and less and rely on yourself more and more.

Healing others
Energy healing works especially well on other people; it’s an ideal way to show love to anyone who is hurting. Laying your hands on someone who is hurting will heal you at the same time. Healing work is good for the healer. Children are especially powerful. DIY your kids to heal you!

Religion & Spirituality
November 14
Jenny Funkmeyer
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