Down But Not Out Down But Not Out
#5 - The Pinkerton Man Series

Down But Not Out

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Stiles finds himself torn between his loyalty to his agency director and friend, James McCullough, and his loyalty to friend Lizzie Ferguson and his lover Michael O'Leary. He can't explain the overwhelming feelings of darkness that he feels.

When the new director of the St. Louis Pinkerton Agency, fires Lizzie and Michael, then pairs Stiles up with a new agent, things begin to unravel all around Stiles.
Lying to everyone, he heads to Chicago where James McCullough and other agents have disappeared. Determined to find his friend and discover what is really going on in the Levee District, Stiles finds himself with no one he can depend on.

Meanwhile, Lizzie moves back to New York to work in the Pinkerton office there with an old friend. And, Michael discovers he's inherited an estate in England from his mother's side of his family.

The group of friends are being pulled apart in different directions. There's corruption around every corner. No one can be trusted. Can they find their way back to who they were before? Will Stiles be able to pull himself out of the hell he's in before he loses everything? So this is hell...

Fiction & Literature
August 31
C.J. Baty
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Pinkerton’s Stiles Long along with his lover, Michael O’Leary, and dear friend Lizzie Ferguson, have been enjoying their stay in Europe. For Stiles and Michael it has been a special time, as they were able to be themselves. Their stay becomes disrupted when a telegram is received. James McCullough head of the Pinkerton’s in St. Louis has disappeared. Stiles is devastated with this mysterious loss of this good man. McCullough has always been an open minded individual and understood Stiles. He accepted Michael and Lizzie as Pinkerton agents and always praised and supported them.

There’s only one thing left to do and that’s return to St. Louis. But Stiles dreads the return. He has the feeling things have changed and not for the best. He also hates that he and Michael will have to hide their relationship once again. It sends a darkness deep into Stiles soul and he doesn’t know how to explain it.

With a short layover in New York, a mysterious stranger delivers a warning to Stiles and all are targets of danger. After the unpleasantness of what occurred in New York,
they’ve made it home to St. Louis. An odd letter has been waiting for them, from James McCullough. As brief as his letter is one thing stands out, “trust no one.”

Chicago is in turmoil with an upcoming election and political unrest. Stiles, Michael and Lizzie have to face McCullough’s replacement and Stiles fears the outcome. To keep Lizzie and Michael out of danger, Stiles resorts to deceit, for him it’s the only way to find out the truth. But deceit will bring a separation and misunderstandings to the three companions. As time is also an enemy each will have to make a decision to move on. As twisted as Stiles search becomes for James McCullough, will he ever find out the truth and survive?

“Down But Not Out” is the fifth book in “The Pinkerton Man” series by CJ Baty and it’s the best yet! The author brings a fast paced mystery that’s well plotted, with intense situations and suspicious characters at every turn and the danger is overwhelming. As always, there’s the wonderful, but at times the sad romance between Stiles and Michael. Lizzie is as feisty as ever and is not afraid to speak her mind. She’s ever adventurous and a woman before her time. There’s also a deeper look at James McCullough, he’s just not a man who sits behind a desk

There’s a host of characters that are nice and not so nice: Lawrence Whitley, who works close to McCullough and Claire Collins, a mystery lady; Devlin Warren, agent;
Martin Collins, Chester Smythe, Louis Winchester, Mark Thomas, Nicolo “Nicky” Esposito, James “Big Jim Higgins, and Patty “Cake” Francis owner of The Rose Palace and more.

CJ Baty created an eye-catching and stunning cover of Stiles Long for “Down But Not Out”. I highly recommend, “Down But Not Out” for mystery lovers, it was a definite page-turner for me! “The Pinkerton” series is not over yet, CJ Baty will be bringing: Stiles, Michael and Lizzie back with book six: “The Secrets of Whitcomb Manor”.

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