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Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician Within is a book for any musician who finds themselves having reached a plateau in their development. Werner, a masterful jazz pianist in his own right, uses his own life story and experiences to explore the barriers to creativity and mastery of music, and in the process reveals that "Mastery is available to everyone," providing practical, detailed ways to move towards greater confidence and proficiency in any endeavor. While Werner is a musician, the concepts presented are for every profession or life-style where there is a need for free-flowing, effortless thinking. 

Note: The original book includes an audio CD of meditations narrated by Kenny to help the musician reach a place of relaxed focus. These meditations are available as a free download directly from Kenny Werner's website at http://kennywerner.com/wp-content/uploads/Effortless_Mastery_Tracks.zip

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January 22
Kenny Werner
Kenny Werner

Customer Reviews

jedomann ,

An amazingly encouraging book!

This is an amazingly encouraging book for any practitioner of the creative arts; although written from the perspective of the musician. I wish I would have read it twenty years ago! For all artists that have struggled with self-consciousness and the debilitating impacts of letting our overly idealistic brains block us from accessing the transformative possibility of the present moment of practice, this book may be a godsend. Mr. Werner offers us an achievable pathway to mastery of our art. I anticipate rereading it many more times throughout my creative journey.

OK.Smith ,

Evoloution of music education

This book is a functional text which will nurture the abilities of many musicians for generations to come. It prepares the student by exposing the "self" as the greatest obstacle to learning and guides the reader to overcome it.

Daftzomb ,


This book helped me reach a level of excel in the sense of cents. Musical or currency? That's for you to find out...and when you do, please write a review because while I admire this book, I've not yet read it. So if you're going to rate it leave a dang review explaining the 5 or even 1 star rating you've given this. A 5 star review means it has helped you achieve incredible facility and creativeness. A 1 star meaning its practically fraudulent. Whatever your case, both are deserving of a review!!!

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