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Love is heaven that hurts like hell…

Rodeo cowboy Canyon O’Donnell is a champion with more national titles than any pro bull rider in history. He’s also one week away from ending his own life. Haunted by mistakes from his past, Canyon isn’t looking for redemption, let alone love. But when a beautiful girl with her own tragic past falls into his lap, he can’t resist taking her under his wing. He can’t promise her forever, but maybe he can help ease her pain.

A little over a year ago, Lily Lawson was murdered. Now she’s back on earth in a new body, sent to redeem a lost soul before it’s too late. But her first good will mission is complicated by a powerful attraction to the tortured cowboy she’s been sent to save. 

Soon she wishes she could promise Canyon forever, but her time is running out.

Lily’s willing to do whatever it takes to save Canyon’s life. But what if the one thing he needs—her love—is the one thing she can never give?

The Lonesome Point Bachelors Series (each book can be read as a Standalone romance):

Leather and Lace

Saddles and Sin

Diamonds and Dust

Twelve Dates to Christmas

Glitter and Grit

You're Still the One

Chaps and Chance

Ropes and Revenge

Eight Second Angel

A Hundred Million Reasons

July 28
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Sandra Two Book Pushers ,


I have read the entire Lonesome Point, TX series and love it! Lily was such a sweet and loving Wife and Mother that lost her life way too soon when she was murdered. Eight Second Angel has a paranormal twist. Lily Grace is back and on a mission to save a life...

Canyon has made huge life changing mistakes in his past but he has been turning his life around for the last four years. But to him his life is empty, lonely and he is ready to end it. He has been planning it for months and has no plans on going back on them. He thinks if he does this it will be better for the person he hurt all those years ago. What he didn't see coming was Grace...

Lily Grace has been sent back into another body to save Canyon. A man she has never met. A man she only has one week to convince that his life is worth saving from himself. Her new name is Grace and she is in the body of a 22 -year blonde beauty that is also in turmoil but now has Lily's mind.

After meeting, Grace and Canyon feel a pull towards each other but they both know nothing can come out of it. When Grace thinks they need to just get away, Canyon already had a plan for camping his last week so she goes along with him. She also has another agenda and the location of the campsite is perfect for her plan of making things right...

This is a novella but there are so many questions to be answered. Will Canyon and Lily fall for each other? Can Lily show Canyon his life is worth saving? Will Lily
get the closure she seeks?

I thought this story was unique, emotional and suspenseful. I don't usually read anything paranormal related but I loved it. Canyon and Lily's stories are emotional and I cried for these two. I was pulling for them to get through together. And anything about second chances is such a ride.


He went to hell and he stayed there, knowing it was the only thing a monster like him deserved.

“The donuts were for you, but if you prefer the bear claw that’s fine. I’m secure enough in my manhood to eat pink donuts.”

“Oh, I hope so. I hope you’ll teach me a long, hard lesson.”

Montanafilly73 ,

Canyon and Lilly Grace

Nice story, strong characters, but unanswered questions about the original ghost town, etc. I’m happy for Lilly and Canyon and their HEA.

penn280 ,


What a sweet love story and a great way to continue Lily’s story, even after death.

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