Elfs in a Conquered Realm

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On their visit to the vanquished Kingdom of Menarm the elfs face many uncertainties. However, they are strong in numbers and sure of their purpose. Zyrthal, the young elf strategist, is given the task of finding the kingdom's hidden treasures; but instead the elfs encounter ruthless highwaymen. 

Meanwhile, the two half-elf princes play among the ruins of Menarm to their hearts' content while their parents attend to their work cleaning and repairing the houses around the castle, in an effort to revive the city. It is a hard job and they could run short on time. In the midst of all this commotion the boys disappear from the dead kingdom.

Brigands want riches and they will let the boys go if the city of Menarm gives up its treasures to them. They allow only one person to go to verify that the boys are alive and the elfs confide in the most harmless figure among them: The Menarm Princess. The outlaws have no clue as to the hidden shadow that will accompany her, the Silent Warrior.

Yet Adren's warrior has been battling demons of his own and finds himself in great doubts concerning his performance as the champion of the last Princess of Menarm. These shadows in his heart double with the disappearance of the two half-elf princes and he harbors misgivings that he won't succeed in rescuing the young boys and thwarting the mercenaries. The Silent Warrior fears that he has fallen from Adren's graces forever. 

Elfs in a Conquered Realm is the outstanding finale to The Silent Warrior Trilogy. Anna has answered all the open questions in the continuing saga of this beautiful race. A masterpiece of storytelling, The Silent Warrior Trilogy will leave you with a sense of peace, love, and great accomplishment and take you on a journey you will not soon forget.

Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite

5 Star Review


Elfs in a Conquered Realm by Anna Del C. Dye is an impressive tome amongst her collection of stories from the Elf world. ... Dye’s elfs are so authentically described and characterized it is hard to disbelieve they really exist somewhere. Their emotions, concerns, worries, even the ennui of their daily lives could not be more faithfully expressed for the reader. Anna Del C. Dye knows elfs. Any author, anywhere, who might consider writing a book which includes elfs, would do well to solicit her advice and pick her brains, for she has demonstrated a depth of knowledge that places her among Earth’s most prominent experts on the life of elfs. ... I strongly recommend you read Elfs in a Conquered Realm for yourself; my attempt to provide a “review” of it is a pitiful one indeed. You need to read this wonderful story for yourself. You will be happy that you did.

Reviewed by Ashley Merrill for Front Street Reviews 

Wrapping up the elf trilogy, Anna del C. Dye has created yet another magical story for young and old alike. You are not left with any cliffhangers at the end but instead are left with a sense of peace and tranquility.

Anna del C. Dye once again offers some very good life lessons in her trilogy ending story. ... Anna del C. Dye's writing is fluid and flawless and it should come as no surprise that one will find this story as fulfilling as the first two in the trilogy. Her talent for writing fantasy will leave her name forever entrenched in our memories as we hope to read more of her stories long into the future.

I would recommend this trilogy to young and old alike. Anna del C. Dye's immense talent allows her fans to be of any age and able to completely understand her magnificent stories.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 17
Anatilde del C. Dye

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