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Protective Alpha Reunites with Hot Single Mother.

Rocco Caldo is tall, dark, and handsome, but not interested in love. Loyal to a fault, he can’t turn away an old friend in need or a beautiful woman on the run…especially when they have unfinished business.

Rebel Bishop is a single mom, looking for shelter, not a handout. But when her path crosses with an old flame, they uncover an ember of passion that’s been smoldering inside them both for over a decade

Can they move beyond their tragic pasts, allowing the flame to burn bright into their future?

Ember is the seventh full-length standalone novel in the Men of Inked Heatwave series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss.

Men of Inked: Heatwave Series:

Book 1 - Flame

Book 2 - Burn

Book 3 - Wildfire

Book 4 - Blaze

Book 5 - Ignite

Book 6 - Spark

Book 7 - Ember

Book 8 - Singe

Book 9 - Ashes

April 20
Bliss Ink LLC
Bliss Ink LLC

Customer Reviews

Fa qu ,

Rocco is hot

Rocco is delicious and Rebel is one lucky girl.

They haven’t seen each other since they met 10 years ago. An accident changed their lives forever and set a wedge between them for ten years.

Now Rebel is back in town and Rocco has certainly noticed her. She’s a mom on the run and he’s more than happy to help her. Help her with her ex, help her in life, and definitely help her in bed.

Rocco has a big family and a fiercely loving mom in Izzy Caldo. What will they think of Rebel? Will they accept her daughter by another man? Will they accept her? Is Rocco even worth trying for?

Uncertainty and self doubt keep Rebel from falling too hard. Love and patience keeps Rocco going. Can they find their happily ever after, or are some things better left in the past?

kookedoo ,


I’ve read 7 of these books now and I have been so impressed with how she captures each unique person in their narration of things. It’s not often I find that narrators have such defined personalities and it’s not easy to change your narration style to fit different characters. These books are really well written and a great escape.

Waiting to be fixed ,

Rocco and Rebel a chance to heal

This is the seventh book in the Men of Inked: Heatwave series and it is an emotional, pull at the heartstrings read that brings readers Rocco and Rebel’s story. “Death hugs a person like a second skin, never leaving them after they feel it coating their soul.” Dealing with a loss is never easy and when it happens at a young age, the effects can be felt for many years after. Things have never been easy for Rebel as she grew up in a cruel environment. After the tragic death of her best friend, Rebel pushed away the one person who made her happy, Rocco. Fast forward ten years and the one-man Rebel never forgot is back in her life and he is determined to right the wrong of letting her go. Ms. Bliss has once again given readers another fantastic book in this Gallo world with the Caldo family. This is one storyline with all the feels and a precocious child that just adds to the overall goodness. This is a must read! P

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