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Jake and Chastity are growing up in a repressed, religious, little, dead end town.
Jake is then offered a job in a garage, way out in California.
Jake and Chastity escape! They take a bus to California, buying a lottery ticket along the way. The lottery ticket wins multi-millions.
To hide the fact that they won a lot of money, Jake continues to work in a garage and Chastity gets a job in a health club.
Chastity gets to be Miss June and the cover girl, in her health club bikini calendar.
Chastity then gets to be Miss April and also the cover girl for a topless club called Wild Rose.
Some of the other girls at the health club have nude pictures in an Internet site. Jake then reluctantly shoots a nude photo series of Chastity and submits the photos to an Internet porn site. Chastity's nude photos sell.
The porn site then wants more Chastity nude photos, only taken outside. Jake then realizes that Chastity's desire for nude posing is undoubtedly a reaction to her repressed upbringing. Jake reluctantly shoots another nude photo series of Chastity, outdoors in the estate that they bought with their lottery winnings. He submits the photos to an Internet porn site and Chastity's nude photos again sell.
Then, one of Chastity's co-workers needs to sell nude photos. The only way that the girl can sell nude photos, is if they're sex action photos. Jake takes a sequence of nude photos of the girl and also has sex with the girl, despite knowing that it will lead to Chastity having sex with other.
Chastity wants to sell some nude sex action photos on the Internet. Jake takes a sequence of nude photos of Chastity and also has sex with his wife, on camera. He then submits the photos to an Internet porn site.
Neighbors move in across a stub street. Chastity gets she and Jake into a partner swapping session with the new neighbors. The first swapping session then leads to another swapping session that includes the neighbor's 18-year-old kids.
As a result of the partner swaps, both Chastity and Jake have better, new jobs.
Jake then does a nude photo session with the wife next door.
Then Chastity gets involved in an anal sex session, via yet another neighbor.
Then Chastity gets involved in a partner swap with a famous client of Jake's.
Then Chastity gets involved with a Sybian machine.
Jake then sets Chastity up to do a bikini advertising video for the business where he works. The bikini advertising video morphs into topless calendar photos and then nude calendar photos.
Then Chastity gets an offer to pose nude for a men's magazine. The professional models that she meets, as a result, cause her to maybe reexamine her desire to pose nude.

Fiction & Literature
October 1
R. Richard
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