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END IN SIGHT is the 6th Book of USA TODAY Bestselling author, W.J. May's best selling series, The Chronicles of Kerrigan. 

We're born, we live, we die.

It's that simple.

At least, it's supposed to be…

When life couldn't get anymore confusing, fate steps in and throws a curveball. 

Rae Kerrigan should be ecstatic. She's found her mother and Devon has admitted he wants nothing more than to be with her. Except Jennifer, her mentor, was someone she thought she could trust and it turns out she was after Rae for the same reason as Lanford had tried her first year at Guilder. 

There is a new face for the enemy now. Jonathon Cromfield. Except he's not really new, is he? 

Rae must go charging head first into danger in order to protect the ones she loves and like her father, no one is going to stand in her way. 

End in Sight is the sixth book in the Chronicles of Kerrigan series.
Follow Rae Kerrigan as she learns about the tattoo on her back that gives her supernatural powers, as she learns of her father's evil intentions and as she tries to figure out how coming of age, falling love and high-packed action fighting isn't as easy as the comic books make it look. 

Series Order:

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 9
Dark Shadow Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Paiges2turn ,

Lots of inconsistencies!

Students less than 2 years younger (16) are referred to as (children and little girls). Rae can hug and pat a girl on the back and not sense her secret tatu, let alone mimic it. I could go on and on...Still entertaining, but getting silly and sloppy.

LB123454321 ,

Sloppy editing, major inconsistencies in storyline

The protagonist has gone from short to petite, cautious to reckless, having a decent memory, to a photographic one, to now apparently nonexistent (the author conveniently has her learn many details anew for added drama). The basic rules of the world she's created are inconsistently applied, and changed to fit the moment and conversation (tatus arrive on a 16th birthday - but a 14 y/o has one. Dating between tatus is frowned upon, taboo, but now also apparently illegal.).

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