Esposito County Shifters: Omnibus Edition

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    • $9.99

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Bite me. Claim me. Make me yours.

Esposito County Shifters: Omnibus Edition is the complete collection of the Esposito County Shifters paranormal romance series (Shifter Woods: Howl, Shifter Woods: Snarl, Shifter Woods: Growl, Shifter Woods: Claw, and Shifter Woods: Roar).

Shifter Woods: Howl

Laurie has two rules: always get the story, and stay away from overbearing pack leaders. Until she runs into tall, gorgeous Sheriff Caleb Lynch while investigating a human trafficking story. When a blizzard strands them in his cabin, Cal’s stubbled good looks and irresistible scent make Laurie’s coyote sit up and howl. But she can’t risk letting this Stetson-wearing cinnamon roll of a pack leader anywhere near her heart…

A widower, Cal assumes he’s going to spend the rest of his life alone until he finds a wet, shivering reporter wandering near his cabin on Sandia Crest. As soon as he scents Laurie, however, he knows he’s been given a second chance at love. Laurie may not like or trust pack leaders, but that isn’t going to stop Cal. He’ll use all of his coyote cunning to claim his clever, feisty female.

Shifter Woods: Snarl

Running the family ski resort on Sandia Crest makes Kate one busy cougar shifter until a tall, gorgeous wolf shifter shows up for a job. Now he's heating up her dreams and making her life even more complicated. Meanwhile, her dad is on her case to find a mate, and the one male who is completely off limits is Jack.

Born to be a leader, Jack lost his pack while serving as a SEAL. When his former commanding officer offers him a job, Jack accepts and scents the luscious, green-eyed Kate. His wolf knows that she’s his mate, but a freak accident left her without a sense of smell. Now he has to convince Kate that they’re meant to be together ... and avoid her armed and dangerous father...

Shifter Woods: Growl

Cougar shifter Denise is a single mom who just wants a quiet life. But when a tiger shifter/FBI agent shows up in her back yard, she gets involved in a federal investigation of a crooked televangelist. Marco may be trouble, but she can't resist trouble…

Marco knows it’s not smart but he can’t stop thinking about Denise, even though his growing attraction could put both her and her daughter in danger. When the televangelist strikes back, Marco must use all of his skills, both tiger and human, to protect the female who’s captured his heart.

Shifter Woods: Claw

A halfling wolf shifter, Angela gets sold out to the Chicago Outfit and has to run for her life. When she winds up in Esposito County, the grumpy, gorgeous local wolf pack leader agrees to take care of her. But she’s not going to fall in love with him, and she’s definitely not his mate.

As leader of the local wolf pack, Matt’s life is one of lonely duty until he rescues a lovely halfling with a hauntingly familiar scent. She’s running from deadly trouble, but Matt knows how to handle trouble and will destroy anyone who tries to take his angel away from him.

Shifter Woods: Roar

After getting separated from his reporter on the side of a mountain, photojournalist Gavin winds up stranded in a smoking hot guy’s cabin during a blizzard. One little problem. Turns out smoking hot guy’s a bear shifter. And he thinks Gavin’s his mate. Some hot and dirty fun is one thing, but soulmates? Is that even real?

Mike may lead the bear shifters in Esposito County, but that doesn’t make his life any easier. He’s preparing for a leadership challenge when a snarky photographer with the world’s most perfect butt shows up at his cabin during a blizzard. Now Mike has to convince Gavin that they’re mates, defeat his challenger, and live up to his grandfather’s reputation.

March 16
Nicola M. Cameron
Draft2Digital, LLC

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