Eternal Mourning Eternal Mourning
Book 7 - Talon Pack

Eternal Mourning

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Publisher Description

Aimee knows two things for sure: Walker is her mate. And she’s dying.

As Healer to the Talon Pack, Walker must come to grips with the idea that he can’t save everyone…including the woman he loves.

But he refuses to give up, even if it means breaking the new human laws that keep the peace between shifters and the world.

Now under the sights of their enemy Pack, Aimee now must fight to survive as well as fight for her mate.

The rules of mating and shifters are changing and the passion that brought them together will have to burn bright to save their Packs…and each other.

February 13
Pink Ink Books
Carrie Silverstein

Customer Reviews

AvidReader07 ,

Another Amazing Chapter in the Talon Pack Series

Walker Brentwood was always content with his place in the pack, the Healer. He knew that he would be stronger with a mate by his side and while his cousins started to slowly finding their mates, he did not. He had watched each of his cousins practically fight against fate and their intended mate, but he was always open and hoping. However, it didn’t come. That was until he met Aimee. As a healer, he sensed the sickness in Aimee, but she was human. What could he do?

Aimee had always felt different. Her family felt cursed, never able to get ahead. She felt her body failing her, but no one else seemed to be able to put a name to it. Was she going crazy? She knew she wasn’t. It was getting harder and harder to just live the life she’d tried to build for herself. When one of her best friends came out as a shifter, she stood by her because that was a love and friendship she’d hold onto. It was all she had. When Aimee met Walker, she felt something, but knew that it couldn’t last. Would she indulge in just a taste of the present even if they couldn’t have forever?

Being welcomed into the Talon pack put Aimee and her friends in a precarious position with the dangers that still lurked, even after the war was over. Fate has a funny way of weaving lives, and Walker and Aimee were about to experience it. When they face an unexpected turn of events that put Aimee’s very life at risk, what irrevocable choices will be made? Will Walker lose the woman he’s pulled to? Could he even find a potential mate in a human?

Carrie Ann Ryan writes another amazing tale of the Talon’s and their world. This story was emotional with both amazing highs and heartbreaking lows. You will get wrapped up in the tale of these two characters, which will have you cheering them on and yelling at them too. Amazing from start to finish!

Cali Jewel ,

Could not put it down!!!

So worth the wait... This highly emotional, steam hot sexy and heart pounding thrill ride was filled with passion, danger, mystery and everything I have come to expect from this magical world and so much more.

Walker Brentwood is a sexy as sin, smart, compassionate healer and determined to save his mate as well as his pack. Aimee Reagan is sexy, sassy and not sure what is wrong but knows something is wrong and not sure how much time she has left to fix it. Could not get enough of this highly entertaining and dramatic romantic journey at will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end....

shanbrat ,

Great addition to the series!

4.5 Stars

An excellent Addison to the Talon Pack series. Walker and Aimee were a good couple together. The overall series arc advanced, which added an additional level of satisfaction while reading the book.

One of the things that the author does really well is leaving you wanting more. Not in a bad way due to questions not being answered, but more the way she sets up the next book. She definitely knows how to build anticipation!

I would recommend reading the rest of this series before reading this book for better enjoyment & understanding.

I received an ARC, but the opinion is my own.

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