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Josie was not one to pray, but lately she had begun having whispered, fevered conversations with God.

With her legs up in the air and her husband’s baby paste inside her.

Please let me get pregnant. Please let me get pregnant. Please let me get pregnant.

* * *

Laura turned her head away from the bathroom mirror, her eyes lasered on her smartphone, counting down the timer until she could look at the little plastic stick.

Please don’t let me be pregnant. Please don’t let me be pregnant. Please don’t let me be pregnant.

The timer dinged.

Laura looked.

Closed her eyes.

And had a whispered, fevered conversation with God, too.


Eternally Complicated is the final (yes, for sure, really, no more books ever, I really mean it...) book in the long-running New York Times bestselling Her Billionaires saga. What started in 2012 as a short novella called Her First Billionaire has turned into an eight-year journey through the lives of Laura, Mike, Dylan, Laura's best friend Josie and her love, Alex, and so many other characters (including Darla from the New York Times bestselling Random series).

As best friends Josie and Laura wrestle with very different reactions to their pregnancies, they find that one bond endures: friendship. 

And with plenty of peppermint sundaes at Jeddy's Diner, of course!

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September 28
Prosaic Press, Inc.
Prosaic Press, Inc.

Customer Reviews

StephanieRV ,

Finally another look at Josie, Alex, Laura, Mike and Dylan!

This is Eternally Complicated, book 6 of Julia Kent’s Her Billionaires series. This is an amazing end to this series! Josie and Alex are still trying to have a baby. Laura, Mike and Dylan are enjoying life with their 3 kids UNTIL the pregnancy tests say PREGNANT! Things change for both couples, and not always in a good way. Secrets are kept while things progress. I have to say that the ending and the epilogues gutted me. These people brought me joy and laughter just as they brought me sadness. I will always remember them fondly. Thank you Julia Kent for introducing them to us! It has been a pleasure!

Laura__F ,

The end

The end of a series always brings about sadness but also joy at where the characters have landed. I discovered this series 8 years ago and while I hate to let these characters go who have introduced me to the wild world of Julia Kent, I’m sure they’ll pop up where I least expect them!

I felt so much while reading this story and at times needed to walk away to collect myself but the journey was absolutely worth it. This is the perfect end to this series.

Doingthisforcoinsssssdzzzzz ,

What an End to This Series!

As Laura and Josie come to a pivotal moment in their lives, it’s good to see how far they’ve come and which path their futures take. For Laura, Dylan, and Mike, life is just coming back to being able to have more thrupple time as their youngest ones start school when a totally unforeseen event occurs
that could totally derail everything.
For Josie and Alex, it’s the possibility of fruition after eight dreams have shattered, leaving them fearful to trust that this time will be different. How these families, and friends, handle these challenges is filled with angst, humor and, above all, love.

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