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NYT bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan concludes a brand new series where second chances don’t come often, and overcoming an unexpected loss means breaking everything you knew.

The day I lost my best friend was the day I realized that I'd been living in the past. I've tried to find a way to heal, to mend that break. Somehow, I came through it partially whole. But I know I couldn't have done that without Aiden Connolly.

The problem is, he once loved my best friend. And now she's gone, and I refuse to be in that shadow, or worse, a replacement for someone we both loved.




I left them all behind.

My brother.

My family.

My best friend.

And her.

Only Sienna Knight doesn't realize what she means to me. But before I can make sure she knows, I need to figure out exactly what that is.

July 16
Pink Ink Books
Carrie Silverstein

Customer Reviews

Dmconnolly23 ,


Falling with You the third book in Carrie Ann Ryan’s Fractured Connections Series had my emotions all over the place. Aiden & Sienna’s story was full of obstacles but the ending was worth it. This story also saw some familiar characters and left me wanting so much more from others!!! Loved it!

Chicky345 ,

Falling With You

This series has been full of loss, rebuilding, emotions, and second chances. From the very first page of the first book all the way to the last page of book three. This group has lost a friend and none of them saw it coming, now they must each deal with the guilt of not seeing the signs, not being there to help, they are also each dealing with their own personal problems.

The Connolly brothers are learning how to be a family again, and rebuilding their parent's legacy. Working through the guilt they have built over the reasons for their separation, and the feelings that they abandoned their father.

With this book in particular there were times that I was a bit annoyed with the side characters, with how much they get into the main characters space, and are after them so much. But when you pull back and remember that they have all lost a friend, and now are super sensitive to each other's moods and rhythm to make sure that they dont miss something going wrong because none of them wants to go through with that loss again - each of those instances where I was initially annoyed becomes a whole different feeling.

I know this review has been a bit all over the place but there is no doubt, I loved the chemistry between Sienna and Aiden, I love the dynamic between the group as a whole. This series is so real, and so heartbreaking, but also so very heartfelt and full of hope and the possibility of a brighter future, even when everyone feels like there is a missing piece.

arhodes202 ,

Full of emotion and angst

Once again Carrie Ann gives us another story full of emotion and angst. This book captures your heart and doesn't let go. She deals with real life issues such as the loss of friends and hidden feelings. Aiden Connolly and Sienna Knight are two lost souls pulled together through their friendship and family ties. I loved their banter and how they loved to get under each others skin. Their chemistry is off the charts.

Seeing the devastation and heartache Aiden dealt with and the horrors Sienna went through is heartbreaking. But they had an amazing support system between them all and they pulled through, for the better. Their hearts are so full of love yet they try to shield their feelings for each other because of their guilt over Allison. I laughed, I cried ugly tears and my heart expanded to double its size throughout this book. I adore the bond the Connolly Brothers have with each other. I also loved the Cameo we saw of one special Montgomery Ink couple made in this story. I am looking forward to the next installment. This is for sure a must read.

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