Filthy Beast Filthy Beast
#1 - Junkyard Shifters

Filthy Beast

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Publisher Description

Do you have a misbehaving, violent, or otherwise problematic shapeshifter in your pack?

Send them to the Junkyard, dumping ground and magical holding pen for unwanted shifters.

Cougar shifter Lena has one goal, and one goal only: to stay out of reach of the vicious alpha of her pride. If that means being exiled to the Junkyard, then so be it.

Carter, a grizzly shifter, let his rage take the reins after his brother's death. His clan alpha can't control him and he refuses to change, so into the Junkyard he goes. When Carter meets Lena, though, his protector instincts kick into high gear...especially when the other shifters in the Junkyard seem intent on harming her.

What happens when Beauty meets Brawler?

He has to be gentle to prove his love...but he has to be violent to save her.

Filthy Beast is the first book in the Junkyard Shifters series. It features a dirty-talking hero, a smart heroine, and all kinds of hijinks and trashy romance. Take the "guilty" out of "guilty pleasure" and buy your copy today!

May 11
Liza Street
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

PNRBookLover ,

Great beginning!

This is a really great start to a new series. I'm not sure why I was so hesitant initially, but I'm so glad I gave this book a chance. The basics of this story are that the 'Junkyard' is a shifter jail. A place where shifters are sent when they can't control themselves, their beasts or the impulses of either within shifter/human communities. However, there are also corrupt leaders/alphas out there that use the 'Junkyard' as their own personal form of torture for anyone who stands against them.

Lena is one such unlucky person. Her sister Sarah recently died. The alpha, Shaw, who was mated to Sarah, announces that he wants to take Lena as his new mate. Lena, after reading a note from her deceased sister warning her that Shaw is most likely responsible for her sister's untimely death, refuses his adavances and is sent to the Junkyard as punishment. Once inside the Junkyard, Lena finds allies in three of the most unlikely of men. Marcus, a wolf shifter, Kyle, a bear shifter, and Carter, another bear shifter.

Carter was sent to the Junkyard after being unable or perhaps unwilling to control his beast's need for violence. After getting/causing one too many fights, his alp[ha sentences him to the Junkyard. The day Carter lays eyes on Lena, he knows she's different. There's omething about her that calls to both him and his beast. He feels things for and around her that he's never experienced before. While being unwilling to name those feelings or the reason they keep occuring, he has no plans to fight his pull or desire for Lena.

The two of them are trying to navigate a budding romance while also navigating life inside the barrier of the Junkyard. Each task is equally difficult, but together they seem nearly impossible. Throw in an added complication in the form of a new, dangerous arrival to the Junkyard, and that nearly impossible task quickly becomes a life-or-death necessity.

I really enjoyed this series. Kyle's fate saddened me, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the author has in store for Marcus in the next book. I would also like to read more about Jace and Stetson.

Yodasowise ,

What a story!

This story has it all. Action, revenge, forgiveness, love, suspense……. It has Lena, who is a strong, smart and has integrity in a prison like atmosphere. Carter has been in the junkyard for a while. Even with all that brought him to this place and the things he’s done subsequently, he is still one of the good guys.

I LOL, I cheered these two on……. The story just pulls you in and I couldn’t stop reading!

Tammy_M_NC ,

A growly tortured guy who is saved by love - swoon

I loved watching Marcus and Jessica get to their HEA. Marcus is a wolf shifter who is trapped in the Junkyard after killing another shifter. The only way to leave is to find your mate. Jessica is human whose parents are famous authors. After getting tired of a writing workshop she did not want to be in with an unpleasant director, Jessica and her friend Blythe accidentally enter the Junkyard and get stuck inside the magical barrier. As Marcus tries to protect Jessica and try to get her released, their feelings continue to deepen. Their journey to their HEA unfolds beautifully and organically as they spend time together to waiting for Jessica to be released from the Junkyard. The story includes what you’d expect from this genre - sweet moments, sexy times, fighting, dangerous situations, supernatural creatures, evil actors, tragic back stories, mystical coincidences, snark, real life issues, imperfect characters, laughs, and all the love. The story included witty dialogue, three dimensional characters who grow with a small amount of angst, and an engaging storyline. I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

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