Filthy Wicked Love

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Warning: This book is rough and raw, dark and delicious, and hot enough to set your panties on fire. Read with caution (and spare panties).

The first time billionaire turned CIA agent Clay Hart fell for Harley Mason, she nearly killed him. But she won’t get another chance at his heart or his life. He'll have what he needs from her, even if he has to kidnap her to get the job done.

Harley’s been through hell before, but she’s never met anyone as wickedly sexy as the man her ex has become. Clay is one twisted bastard. The only thing more twisted is the way her body ignites every time they touch.

She can’t say no. 

He won’t say yes.

And they're both determined to win the filthy, wicked game they play. 

But sometimes even the sexiest games turn deadly, leaving innocent lives caught in the crossfire…

*This book contains the free prequel Dirty Twisted Love and the novel Filthy Wicked Love.

December 3
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Singing Secretary ,

Powerful, intense and fantastic

Filthy Wicked Games is book 2 in Lili Valente’s Dirty Twisted Love series and is the continuation of Harley and Clay’s story. The depth of connection these two feel for one another is so powerful and intense that it once again seized my complete attention. Despite what they perceive as hate because of the events of the past, both Harley and Clay’s souls continue to be drawn together even when the fight between them is absolutely relentless.

Book 2 begins with a glimmer into Harley and Clay’s past giving us a little insight into what had happened between them. But as we return to the present, we return to Clay’s unremitting and unyielding effort to finally break Harley so she will tell him what he wants to know. But as the days seep by and Harley continues to fight him with her persevering strength, despite his frustration, Clay is forced to admit to himself how impressed he is with her unwavering strength of mind. But as they are both running out of time and with their joint determination of accomplishing the same task which is to keep their son safe from harm, can Harley and Clay ever let their guard down and learn to work together towards the same end or will their past continue to haunt them and hinder any semblance of doing what will ultimately help them both reach their common goal?

Filthy Wicked Games is a fantastic addition to this series and once again Lili Valente has turned up the heat in every way possible. The continued sexual tension and attraction between Harley and Clay is incessant throughout book 2 despite the force of anger shared between them which continuously kept me on my toes and wondering if they would ever be able to overcome it. But alas I am left hanging once again and must now await the release of book 3 to discover whether this amazingly intense and passionate couple will be able to keep their son safe and ultimately find their happily ever after. The complexity of each of these characters seems to grow deeper with every page turn and just when you begin to anticipate what may come next, Lili Valente again leaves you hanging on the edge of your chair chanting the words “Oh My God. No!” over and over in your head. Filthy Wicked Games is absolutely fantastic!

LisaHines711 ,

Review: Dirty Twisted Love #2: Filthy Wicked Games

Filthy Wicked Games by Lili Valente is the second book in her Dirty Twisted Love serial trilogy. An action packed, intense, steaming hot mess of emotions, regret, angst, and bitterness. WOW!!!!

This book is meant to be read ONLY after reading book 1, Dirty Twisted Love. If read out of order it will make little sense and contain spoilers. That being said - you should also read the previous series that brought us to Harley & Clay's story before reading this. It is less of a requirement and much more a recommendation.

So Clay has Harley captured and under control. Jasper is in the wind, and neither one of them is ready to back down. The battle of wills takes them through emotional landmine after emotional landmine and, as a reader, you're not sure if anyone (yourself included) is going to make it out of this disaster in one piece.

Another cliffhanger ending, as is the way with serial novels, this one will wear you out. You want Harley and Clay to reconcile but there is so much hate and anger and passion that they combust each and every time they try to work things out.

I CANNOT WAIT for the next and final part to this series, Crazy Beautiful Forever.

Crickalina ,

Explosive with a bit of sweet

Filthy wicked games starts out with a memory from 6 years ago. it brings more light to Harley and Clay's relationship, shining light on things that happened. the whole book is full of developing that connection, good and bad, hate vs love. My initial thought behind finishing was "deep". Ms. Lili reaches places that are deep, full of emotion.
Once again we have a dark steam factor where hate plays a big part in the dirty scenes. it's steamy leaving you wnting more.
A cliffhanger ending thats more attention grabbing than the first. I can't wait to see how it all plays out . what wins love or hate, who ends up with Jasper, what will the final blowout be. the anticipation is strong

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