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It’s the last week of school for seniors and Kelly has eight finals to pass—one for each class, and one for her life. Kelly’s a mechanic and she’d rather work on cars than take her tests, but she has no choice, not even when it becomes apparent someone is sabotaging her.  It starts with pranks that might be simple senioritis, but why are all the pranks aimed at Kelly? Who dared touch her beloved Thunderbird? Who wants her to flunk out? And then things get really deadly…

Young Adult
December 2
Auline Bates
Auline Bates

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ES the horror fan ,

Better than Party Line!

Party Line was the first book I ever read by A. Bates, and I liked it enough to eagerly anticipate reading other books by the author, which is why I was happy when I found Final Exam for sale in a thrift store. I read them both as paperbacks and, while Party Line was a good thriller, I couldn’t have been happier with Final Exam because it was a better thriller than the first book. Kelly is a high school senior who likes fixing cars. She hates taking final exams, but she is about to have a far worse problem to be afraid of. Kelly at first thinks it’s harmless when someone keeps playing pranks on her. But as the pranks become more dangerous, she starts to realize that this isn’t harmless game. Soon, the “prankster” is making terrifying attempts on her life! Now Kelly has the deadliest “final exam” of her life to deal with: She must figure out who is behind this nightmare. If she doesn’t, this is one “final exam” she won’t survive! Any fan of 90s teen horror novels will relish this chilling Point Horror novel, either as a paperback book or as an ebook! I can guarantee it because the paperback book is 201 pages of pure, pleasurable suspense! With the month of October being fairly close to arriving, I give this book 5 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃!

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