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From New York Times bestselling author K.M. Scott comes a sexy opposites attract romance about two people who couldn’t be more different yet couldn’t be more right for one another.

Liam Jackson personifies the old saying, “Still waters run deep.” He keeps to himself, and he’d probably be a hermit living in a cave in the woods if it weren’t for his large family.

As the son of Kane Jackson, he’s a lot like his father.

Mia Shanoff lives in the spotlight. The newest star in the music business, she’s so big the mere mention of her makes the media go wild. Her story is one everyone wants to know more about.

But you know what they say. Don’t believe everything you hear.

For Liam, the madness of Mia’s world makes his job protecting her harder than he’d like. Mia’s new bodyguard is far too sexy for her not to notice him, yet he’s far too by the book.

Can two people so completely opposite ever have a chance together?

March 8
Copper Key Media, LLC
Copper Key Media LLC

Customer Reviews

Crystal's Book World ,

Oh my heart!!! ❤️❤️

Oh my heart!!! Flirtatious was IT for me!! I need to know how Liam's and Mia's story unfolds. This is just the beginning folks and boy it is a great start!

Right away I was pulled towards Mia. Her mini get away has the world in a tizzy. Liam is set on not taking a job he knows will be nothing but trouble. When these two are around each other, you can feel the buzz in the air! Seriously! K.M. Scott's writing has you feeling like you are in the same space as her characters. I loved the hint of suspense, the underlying current, and revisiting old friends.

Flirtatious has you in a daze after that ending! Get this book ASAP! You will not want to let go of these words!!

Vanibadi ,

Flirtatious is a most read!!!

First off Ms.Scott I love your book. Mia become superstar at a young age so has not experienced a normal life. So she like to push and Who wants to live her life. Liam is so much like he father . A very protective of the ones he loves and like to have a very organize life . So Mia is not the type of girl Liam would like . That’s what makes there story so perfect. FYI it end on a cliff hanger but don’t worry the next book come out soon after .

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