Book 2 - King Brothers

Wild King

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Publisher Description

From New York Times bestselling author K.M. Scott comes an enemies-to-lovers billionaire romance you don't want to miss! You met the first King brother Matthias in Cruel King and fell in love with his story. Now meet the second King brother Kellen, the bad boy of the family!


Have you ever met someone and instantly knew they were trouble? That’s what it was like when I met him.

Gorgeous. Sexy. More confident than any man should be.

But that’s the thing. He wasn’t just any man. He was the one who swept me off my feet.

I fell in love in no time at all, but let’s face it. That kind of thing only happens in fairy tales. In real life, love is raw and gritty and hurts like hell.

And that’s exactly what Kellen King did to me. He hurt me, and when I have the chance, I’m going to make sure to give him what he deserves.


She was beautiful and full of sass, and I couldn’t get enough of her for those couple days. Until my oldest brother demanded I leave our blissful paradise and return to New York to face the consequences of my misbehavior.

Those are his words, not mine. I don’t think I did anything wrong dating that woman from work. We were two people having a good time. When did that become a crime?

So now I’m being punished by having to keep out of sight for a while and having some PR fixer rehabilitate my reputation. I’m forced to stay somewhere the press can’t find me out in the middle of nowhere and away from anything that could be close to fun.

And just when I think things can’t get worse, in walks the only woman I’ve ever cared about, and she’s got nothing but hate in her eyes for me. Not that I blame Salem. I deserve all the anger she feels and more.

What do you do when the woman of your dreams comes along and all you want is a second chance to make things right?

August 1
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