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This program aims you at holistic readiness through:

Enriched understanding for taking care of yourself, both by yourself, and as part of the larger world. A living holistic solution that amounts to growing lucky.

Creating your own custom pandemic program, tailored to your mind, body, spirit, and community situation. You're starting that process right now. Keep going.

Forming a buoyant community, relationship, beyond a support group, to help you.

Learning how combinations kill. How rules fetter minds, that break when an earthquake or other disaster combines with an influenza (or other) epidemic.

Reading fast. Books and situations and body language and so on.

Growing simplicity. Intuitive simplicity that comes after learning to ride a bike, not the chaos in the learning crashes.

Instant awareness. Pills and fast food are simple fast 'instant'. And not real solutions.

Learn to face crashes, thuds and other nastys, instead of taking pills to avoid them.

Shrugging off FUD, shake off your fears and attach to your opportunities.

A healthier lifestyle, giving you healthier choices and better odds in a health crisis.

We suggest skimming through the whole thing. Then quickly read it again. Seize the opportunity to learn how to read fast. Read it some times to enlarge your understanding. As you read please keep reading, cycle around another time instead of trying to understand everything on the first pass. Also, please aim for the wisdom of larger understanding, over simple agreement (or disagreement ). Be more lucky.

The learning pattern we use is akin to learning to ride a bike. It's a relationship growing process that's intuitive and logical and learning-by-doing all at the same time.

Try to explore parts of this in a group or groups. Look at creating a local community group whose members might support each other in a crisis.

What happens here?

We take a holistic approach. It's really a strategic survival approach that allows you to live a healthier life, more-or-less normally, while preparing for a pandemic.

We look at kinds of pattern locks, things that lock our thinking and habits in place so we can't steer to avoid problems. We also look at ways to step over or shrug at problems, or even seize them and and transform them into opportunities.

We play, both serious and fun play, with general and food awareness.

October 20
Vic Williams
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