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This little book aims to help you buy the right car cover. Basically every car and every driver benefits from the convenient benefits provided by a good car cover. Your cover is really a very useful kind of car coat that offers a wide range of benefits. So the choice is really which one. A simple mix of factors, a web of interactions, will flow together into your decision. Things like how much to spend for what benefits. How to best get and use the cover. Where to get it.

Most important is your cover habit. If and when you you adopt the cover, using it more and more in various ways as part of your and your car's lifestyle, then its benefits flow into reality.

Meshed into that flow of benefits is a set of thinking-doing tools. Please play with them.

The next tool is APC – Alternatives, Possibilities, Choices. As you read through the book consider the full wide range of these. Be sure to add your additional factors. Better awareness of your choices generates better decisions.

You can can link this to CAF, Consider All Factors. We naturally shed a lot of considerations, our beliefs, marketing inputs, and peers teach us narrow viewpoints. Try to widen your view to enrich your choices, then pick and decide.

PMI comes next, meaning Plus or advantageous things, Minus or detractors, and Interesting considerations. Do a PMI on the factors in your decision now, then do it again after reading the book.

OPV is simply Other People's Views. Consider them and particularly consider where you're subconsciously following some cultural normal or marketing created point of view that really doesn't apply in your case. The biggest barrier to using a car cover is culture, do others do it, for most people.

You can find more on these tools by looking at works by Edward de Bono.

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) decide simply, in an ecofriendly way.

Reading faster. Read the book fast a couple times. Then on the third pass mindmap notes

October 16
Vic Williams
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