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Kat Roberts has a plan. Love doesn’t fit into it.

Move to England.

Study at Cambridge.

Become a history professor.

See? No room for dating or love. Life is going exactly according to plan….until she met him one snowy night in an English pub. Tristan Kingsley, the future Earl of Pembroke. He’s as gorgeous as a god, funny, sweet, and oh-my-god that accent… With a chiseled jaw, bewitching eyes, and a voice as smooth as a glass of brandy…he’s every woman’s dream. He tempts Kat to leave her carefully laid plans behind as she falls head over tea kettle for this British playboy. 


Tristan Kingsley went into the bar that night to avoid the duties of his future as a titled lord. When a gorgeous American girl kisses him on a dare from her friends, that kiss turns his world upside down. Oh, he’s used to having exactly what he wants: women, money, notoriety. But now he wants Kat. In his arms, in his bed—and the more time he spends with her, the more he wants her in his life. Tired of shallow, social climbing English debutantes, Tristan can’t get enough of his brilliant, sweet Yank. 


But not everyone is happy with the situation. His father, the Earl of Pembroke, has other plans for Tristan, and getting rid of Kat is number one on the list.

If you thought this was a fairytale of a girl finding her Prince—er, Earl, and living happily-ever-after…then prepare yourself for one heck of an American Revolution. 

December 16
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith

Customer Reviews

Traediva ,

3 part parts complete

This is the opening of a 3 part story. **☝🏾 ⭐️ taken away for that** But I won’t be completing. Although part one made me sit up straighter towards the end I was to annoyed with the immaturity of Kat’s character. I’m not looking forward to that at all. Dealing with annoying ppl daily, I refuse to get lost in that characteristic from a book that’s supposed to take me away from the norm. **minus 2nd ⭐️**

Besides that the author is really good at what she does. I didn’t feel the need to rush the story, her writing style is captivating. But I’m not paying $8 to finish this story. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but single mother of 2 teenagers needs an outlet and my pockets belong to them before it belongs to me.

However, I’m leaning towards Celia and Carter story. That’s in my want to read category. Simply I prefer standalone books.

pita1003 ,


Awesome book I love these to and anxious to discover how they find their way to be together

straighttalker198 ,


Wow tristans dad is so evil throwing away kats number!! (Sarcasm) I couldn’t take the dad seriously, i thought he was weak. The author could’ve really villainized the dad, an opportunity missed by the author. The book didn’t read very well, lacking in a lot of necessary stuff for a good book.

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