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If you ask me, foolishness is like beauty - all about the eye of the beholder.

For instance - I’ve been told the amount of caffeine I consume on a daily basis will eventually kill me, which makes no sense, because that caffeine is essential to living. Then I have doctors telling me that I need to get more sleep if I want to live a happy, healthy life. I can easily refute those claims, because my life is neither happy nor healthy if I don’t utilize every possible second of each day to ensure my life’s goals are met.

Now I’ve got people claiming that hooking up with the sexy bodyguard I hired after someone tried to kill me in broad daylight is a mistake. And, okay, they might be right about that one. Even I can’t argue that it’s not healthy to sleep with someone you can barely stand to be around outside the bedroom.

But you know what? Life is already short enough. If there’s a chance I might die young, then I’m going to go out with a bang - preferably the kind that comes with an orgasm or twelve.

September 24
Living Hype, Ltd.
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Fine pumpkin 511 ,

I enjoyed it

The story was good and enjoyed the banter between all of the characters. The story held my interest well enough even with minimal sex scenes. I liked Paige from the beginning and I felt so bad for her having parents who messed up her head. I liked her because despite awful parents she still believed and wanted to be loved so badly. This book was free and the first book that I read from this author. I don’t know why I haven’t come across her books but now that I found her I’m hooked. Liam and Clara’s story seems like it going to be a riot😂 until next time y’all happy reading.

L.g.Texas ,

Great storyline and characters

Thoroughly entertaining book filled with drama, humor, passion and romance. I laughed in parts and got tears in other parts as I felt the pain that Paige endured. First book I have read from this author and will definitely read more of her books. Loved the characters. Very well written..

Crazy not lazy ,

Pretty Daring

I give this book a 4 1/2! I didn't want to put it down. I had hoped the senator would go up on charges, fall and break his neck or perhaps the senator and wife get in an auto accident. They were horrible people. I was even cheering for the drug guy.

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