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Forget apps, websites and singles events - clearly the best way to meet a guy is to move in next door, accidentally assault him and then demand a job at his company.
If that kind of charm doesn’t totally knock him off his feet, the next step is to build an army. If possible, try to recruit those closest to the target, such as his mom, sisters and closest friends. Sure, it sounds extreme and maybe a little bit crazy, but I’ve always subscribed to the old adage “No one worth having comes willingly.” Okay, I switched out some words there, but you get the point.
Caution: Even the most foolproof plans can have hiccups along the way. I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of things you should watch out for: Crazy ex-boyfriends who pop up out of nowhere like an evil jack-in-the box; Women who think a strategic nip slip is effective at landing a boyfriend; Co-workers who think it’s hilarious to prank you at work and then upload the videos to social media.
Still have doubts? No worries. Let this professional show you how it’s done.

July 11
Living Hype, Ltd.
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Honolulubelle ,

Clever and Amusing

Clever banter, witty humor, sizzling steam

kirchersmiles ,

Best Book Ever!!!

Simply Crazy (Jaded Series Book 1) by Jenn Hype


I use the bookmark thing on my kindle when I read a book, so that I can go back if there was something written that I just loved, maybe a passage or a sentence. Well that didn't work out so well this time reading this book because in going back I think I marked 75% of the pages if not more.

Its official, this IS one of my favorite books of all time, making this author one of my very favorites from here on. I laughed so hard through this book I had to put it down a few times because I couldn't see through the tears. This started on page 1 with “helicopter sistering me” and continued on from there. Blake is one of my new favorite characters ever, and her relationship right from the start with CJ was perfection!! “Hashtag shrug”

The storyline was amazing..it had its deep serious parts, its edge of your seat parts, its steamy parts, its swoon worthy parts, and the roll on the floor laughing parts. It flowed perfectly and I seriously could not put it down till I finished it. It's safe to say that I absolutely, positively loved this book, I loved the secondary characters just as much as the main and can not wait to read Book 2!! I honestly don't think there could ever be another scene written better than Blake and the paint ball gun, this caused tears from both laughing and the circumstances.

Thank you so much Jenn Hype for an amazing read, for allowing me to get lost for a bit and laughing out loud and just simply feeling every emotion that went with reading this story!!

Tiggy/Cookie ,

Simply Crazy

Several reviews called this a great read, described it as very funny. Sorry, but I would have to disagree on both counts. The concept was good but it didn’t follow through.

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