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FOREVER AND FOR ALWAYS Book 4 in the Windswept Bay series.

Publicist Olivia Sinclair has been away from Windswept Bay for years, busy helping the Hollywood elite get out of one scandal after another. But now, she’s in the middle of her own scandal and splashed all over the gossip tabloids. Suddenly, coming home to lay low in Windswept Bay is her own best advice to herself.

Life as he knows it has just been altered for charter boat captain, Brandon “BJ” McCall. He’s just learned he has a brother and he’s inherited millions—complicated…just a little and he’s not exactly sure how he feels about either. But rescuing a beautiful, Pink Kitty shorty pajama clad female from the roof of her house is a complication he can enjoy.

Being rescued by a stranger who could rival any of her Hollywood clients—isn’t exactly what Olivia had planned when she came home to hide out. Falling for the guy who, she learns is perfect tabloid material in his own right is not a smart PR move. She’s trying to get off the cover of the gossip magazines—not hold her spot for eternity!

But it’s complicated.

Especially, on the beaches of Windswept Bay where romance is in the air and love is a complication that just might be undeniable.

September 1
DCP Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Katz mom 21 ,

Forever And For Always

I love this series about The Sinclair Family. Believe me it’s a fantastic story. If I try to write a review, I won’t quit until I have told the whole story. You would think think there isnt much to left to tell. I highly recommend the book. You will laugh and cry and get mad and want to hit someone, this book plays on all of your emotions, good and bad. You need to read it before you judge any of the others. Great story, fantastic storyline.... Believe me you will be hooked. Once you read any of the Sinclair Family you will be hooked on reading the Family.

Dawn Pearson ,

You'll laugh and your heart will crack with this next installment

Olivia Sinclair is back in Windswept Bay to try to hide out. But, she knows she'll be found soon, it's just a matter of when. But, first, she simply wants to sleep. Except, sleep isn't going to happen when a crying cat seems to be stuck on the roof. Even though she's terrified of heights, she ventures onto the roof only to find the cat doesn't need her help after all as she hears the ladder fall to the deck below. If only it weren't raining. If only she weren't in her pajamas. If only someone knew she was in town and would know to look for her.

BJ McCall is still trying to figure out his life after learning that he has a brother and a father he didn't know existed. He is content with his life on the water. In an effort to try to think things through, he ventures out for a morning jog in the mist when he sees what appears to be a woman in pajamas sitting on her roof. Why? Does she need help?

I must admit, I am honestly enjoying this series more and more as each book is released. This particular story focuses on Olivia and BJ. They've got a whole lot of drama swirling around them. Can they find peace and stability with each other?

You'll laugh and your heart will crack with this next installment. It's got a full range of emotions. Not every question the characters seek answers for have answers - I liked that because it represents real life.

Romance - PG - kissing
Language - clean
My rating - 5 stars

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