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Alex Verus faces his dark side in this return to the bestselling urban fantasy series about a London-based mage.

To protect his friends, Mage Alex Verus has had to change--and embrace his dark side. But the life mage Anne has changed too, and made a bond with a dangerous power. She's going after everyone she's got a grudge against--and it's a long list.

In the meantime, Alex has to deal with his arch-enemy, Levistus. The Council's death squads are hunting Alex as well as Anne, and the only way for Alex to stop them is to end his long war with Levistus and the Council, by whatever means necessary. It will take everything Alex has to stay a step ahead of the Council and stop Anne from letting the world burn.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 24
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

K.Leolani ,

Absolutely Adore this Great Book Series!

I absolutely LOVE this book series by Benedict Jacka! And eagerly anticipated the release of each and every book and audiobook - often waiting impatiently, yet gleefully, to purchase BOTH. I adore the narrator Gildart Jackson, and often forget that it’s just one person helping to make all the different characters come to life in my imagination. I’m absolutely heartbroken that the next book and audiobook will be the last in the series, but eagerly await their release all the same. Finding such a Great Series so consistently engaging, with characters that I’ve come to embrace so heartily, is not something to be discovered so easily, at least not for me. Thank you Mr. Jacka for creating such wonderful books and characters in this series, and thank you Mr. Jackson for lending your wonderful voice to us over the years.

hfrSg557frr42kk86d ,

Both wish and don’t wish it were over

I’ve been enjoying this series, but it’s been going on forever. When I saw this book on its way out I foolishly thought it would be the end. Not so...it leaves yet another annoying cliffhanger. With no next book in sight. The story is good, but stories have to end!

Bottom line is I have no intention of continuing with this series right now. Honestly if the author had wrapped up one series at 6 or 7 books and started another one just as good, I’d probably keep going with the new one. But I feel like he’s really stretching to keep this set of characters interesting and appealing, and the stretch is starting to wear thin. Don’t be lazy; wrap it up and start something new!

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