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Come away, O human child…    

No matter the job, no matter the client, Tarot-reading magical artifacts hunter Sara Wilde has only one hard-and-fast rule: Protect the Children. But the newest strain of technoceutical drugs—specifically designed to alter psychic children's DNA—has thrown the arcane black market into a frenzy. As mistress of the House of Swords, Sara pits the power of her worldwide criminal syndicate against insidious enemies and even more treacherous allies to combat the threat, but it's not enough. To destroy these drugs at their source, she must break her cardinal vow and put a child at risk.

Guided by a boy altered by the technoceuticals, Sara races to derail the modernization of an ancient ritual devoted to a malevolent god. Except the children aren’t her only responsibility any longer. The Magician of the Arcana Council and her own House demand her focus as the war on magic erupts violently in several hot spots around the globe. Sara’s pretty sure things can’t get more complicated, until she discovers who is leading one of the other four fabled mortal Houses of Magic…a discovery that brings her face to face with the mother she’s never known.

Family skeletons just won’t stop dancing when you’re a Wilde Child.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 17
Elewyn Publishing
Jennifer Stark

Customer Reviews

sage healer ,

So much action and surprises!! Great Read!

Sara finds herself deep in an ancient culture attempting to save children being abducted and identify the sourse of a new drug on the market targeting the connected (magic) community. How are these abductions of the connected community linked to the development of the newest popular yet dangerous drugs on the market. Sara also finds herself face to face with her mother who up to this point she has remained unknowned. This series does not fail in providing new challenges for Sara to face, new circumstances which seem to result in Sara's further development of her magical skill set. Great read. Now, I have to wait for Book 8 to be completed - hope it’s soon!

math wizard ,

New Discoveries

Awesome well written book! Sara's life is undergoing some major changes. Her family is expanding and she is experiencing many personal discoveries! Her personal life is still swinging with Armaeus, how far will it go? A lot of thought provoking stuff is occurring and will continue as we learn about the different houses. I am looking forward to the next book!

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