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The world is full of magical things…

With a day job that requires her to hunt down psychics who use their metaphysical gifts as weapons, Tarot-reading Justice of the Arcana Council Sara Wilde has no time for fairy tales. So when her newest case pleads for her assistance against brownies, sprites, and pixie dust, she’s more than ready to file it under “not a chance.”


But these Neo-Celts mean business, with a boldly charismatic leader who vows to return the world to the iron-fisted rule of the ancient gods. That plan infuriates the fiercest member of the Arcana Council, Death, whose deep Irish roots hide more secrets than Sara ever realized, and draws the focus of the dark-eyed, seductive Magician, deftly weaving his ever more twisted schemes.  


At the Council’s behest, Sara plunges headlong into Irish folklore, fantasy, and the very real, very frightening truth of the spaces between worlds, where the darkest memories go to hide… Memories that could upend everything Sara’s finally claimed as her own.  


Travelers beware! The fairies will all come out to play when you chase The Hallowed Knight.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 29
Elewyn Publishing
Jennifer Stark

Customer Reviews

Setra Seafarer ,

The Emerald Isle is Hallowed Ground

Continued character development and and intriguing storyline keep you enmeshed in the world of Sara Wilde. Ireland the land of the fairies has special meaning for the connected. Where lore and mysteries run deep. The tangled webs of truths, half-truths and deception must be undone to solve the latest dilemma in a world where magic is once again loose. From dealing with ancient gods set free by Druid’s and the Green Knight Sara is put through even more tests to open her true powers, powers she doesn’t understand and is afraid to use. Sara is once again forced to confront overwhelming odds and pull through to save all the is precious to her.

I can’t wait for the next saga with Sara, the council, with the world of connected and mortals alike.

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher. This doesn't affect the content of my review.

math wizard ,

Growth and Major Changes

How do you rate such an excellent book written by an awesome author such as Jenn Stark. I thought on this because five stars is not sufficient! If readers were given the choice of rating between zero to infinity, this book would get infinite stars!
Now about the story, read it with eyes wide open. It is hard to say much of anything without spoiling the story but there are a few things to say. Sara as Justice is growing and she is learning new way to do many things. Her relationship with the Armaeus, the Magician, has long been fraught with many good times and some bad times. In this story there is not doubt about the love Sara has for Armaeus is strong and the feeling goes both ways. And it is not just all the love he has for her because he has done so much to help Sara grow and to protect her.
Lots of happenings because Death plays a huge part in the story as both in past and the present. Simon is more than just the Fool but he has a level of knowledge which helps many. Nicki, has an important part to Sara’s changes but there is a twist to her part in the story. In trying to stop two brothers from destroying the world and parts of mankind. Sara will travel to Ireland and with the help of many from the Arcane Council will stop the brothers and save mankind. Read and follow all the plots and twists but be ready with the Kleenex because there is a major twist which will leave you wants no more but feeling the pain Sara is going to go through as she tries to help the man she loves!
Ms. Stark, when will the next book in the series be out because I need to know what is happening! Keep writing such excellent books!

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