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FrankieNo one understands why I love him. Why I need him. Why I took him back. But they don't have to.I know. Despite the hurt and the heartache, I see beneath his skin. And I'm different now. No more Flirty Frankie. I'm done with being King of the club.My dreams have changed, and so have I.I'm stronger. I believe in myself.And I'm a hell of a lot smarter than a year ago. Now it's his turn to show me the man he really is. To prove it. I've always loved him. But that's not enough.I need to learn to trust him.AaronNo more excuses.No more chances.I make this right or lose him for good.I have to do this.No one has ever believed in me but him.No one has ever wanted me but him.I can't let him down.I won't.I can't let myself down.I'm trying, but it's so damn hard.No matter what they throw at me, I'm stronger. And I'm going to make it. I'm on my way.With Frankie by my side. I can see the future.I have a future.Us. Together. Forever.

June 7
Felice Stevens
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Mikel1970 ,

Favorite of the series so far

Confession time: this is one of my favorite series by Felice Stevens. Maybe because it’s all told in the first person, which lets her (and the reader) really dig into the characters. Or maybe it’s because the characters themselves are so well crafted. I’m not sure which.

One of the things I love about Felice’s work is that she’ll seed her books with characters that will inevitably get their own stories. More often than not, those characters turn out to be nothing like they’re perceived. I kind of felt like I knew Frankie from his many appearances thus far in the series. I was really looking forward to getting to know Aaron He’s been talked about by the other characters, but I just knew there was something more to him than we, the readers, were lead to believe. Aaron is one of those examples of not judging a book by its cover.

This book is not only a story of second chances, but also about redemption. Sure, it may be Frankie’s book, but make not mistake, Aaron is front and center.

(I might like Aaron. Just a little. I have a thing for the under dog. Always have and probably always will)

I loved the phrasing used by the characters in this book. Instead of being prim and proper, the characters speak in a more…blue collar tone. As an example, instead of using words like “doing” and “going”, they will use words like “doin’” and “goin’”. To me, that sounds more authentic and makes the characters more real.

This is, by far, my favorite book of the series. If you’re a fan of second chances or redemptions, you really need to read this!

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