Frankly in Love

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An Instant New York Times Bestseller and #1 Indie Bestseller!

A William C. Morris YA Debut Award Finalist

An Asian Pacific American Librarians Association Honor Book

Two friends. One fake dating scheme. What could possibly go wrong?

Frank Li has two names. There's Frank Li, his American name. Then there's Sung-Min Li, his Korean name. No one uses his Korean name, not even his parents. Frank barely speaks any Korean. He was born and raised in Southern California.

Even so, his parents still expect him to end up with a nice Korean girl--which is a problem, since Frank is finally dating the girl of his dreams: Brit Means. Brit, who is funny and nerdy just like him. Brit, who makes him laugh like no one else. Brit . . . who is white.

As Frank falls in love for the very first time, he's forced to confront the fact that while his parents sacrificed everything to raise him in the land of opportunity, their traditional expectations don't leave a lot of room for him to be a regular American teen. Desperate to be with Brit without his parents finding out, Frank turns to family friend Joy Song, who is in a similar bind. Together, they come up with a plan to help each other and keep their parents off their backs. Frank thinks he's found the solution to all his problems, but when life throws him a curveball, he's left wondering whether he ever really knew anything about love—or himself—at all.

In this moving debut novel—featuring striking blue stained edges and beautiful original endpaper art by the author—David Yoon takes on the question of who am I? with a result that is humorous, heartfelt, and ultimately unforgettable.

Young Adult
September 10
Penguin Young Readers Group

Customer Reviews

genericChristianNickname ,

Your book has found a special place in my heart.

*mild spoilers-ish*
As pathetic as it sounds, I lost a friend once I closed the pages of the book.
You see, reading a book isn’t as simple as looking at a combination of letters and words and digesting them.
You build connections with the characters of the story, if the book is written well enough.
And this was-
It was masterfully done. As I sit at my desk, pondering the events of Frank Li’s life, I can’t help but feel as though I lost a friend.
Friends, actually, counting the other characters.
I need a sequel - something that resolves Frank’s issues.
What happens with him and Joy? What about his mother? Hanna and Miles? Q?
There are so many questions that I need answers to.
This is a book that has nestled its way into my heart unbeknownst to me - undetectable until melancholy sprang up.
There are many emotions running through my heart, but happiness is only a small part.
The biggest feeling I have now is a desire for more.
For anyone who wants a good story that’s brutally realistic and makes you yearn for life before adulthood, this is your book.
For those of you who wish to read about a complex relationship between a son and a father, this is your book.
For those of you who wish to have their heart strings tugged by watching romantic relationships unfold, this is your book.
For anyone who wants to relate to the struggles of living in a Korean household, surrounded by influences and pressures within a community, this is your book.
I only have two things to say, David Yoon:
One, I implore you to think about writing a sequel - or, at least, something that opens up the window into Frank’s life once more.
Two, well done. Your writing has found its way into my heart, and I am loath to let it fade.
Well done, David Yoon. May your future works of art capture the hearts of your readers, as well.

amandax345 ,


A wonderful debut!!! Such amazing characters and a great heartfelt story.

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