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The legendary bestseller that made millions look at the world in a radically different way returns in a new edition, now including an exclusive discussion between the authors and bestselling professor of psychology Angela Duckworth.

Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? Which should be feared more: snakes or french fries? Why do sumo wrestlers cheat? In this groundbreaking book, leading economist Steven Levitt—Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago and winner of the American Economic Association’s John Bates Clark medal for the economist under 40 who has made the greatest contribution to the discipline—reveals that the answers. Joined by acclaimed author and podcast host Stephen J. Dubner, Levitt presents a brilliant—and brilliantly entertaining—account of how incentives of the most hidden sort drive behavior in ways that turn conventional wisdom on its head.

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February 17
William Morrow

Customer Reviews

JoeInJamaica ,

a work in progress...

As one more "fearful" of statistical data than of Analysis, i.e. the calculus, I expected to be not quite in swing with this book. But, surprise, I found it interesting how data is searched for and looked at, sample sets relevant to a given topic are selected and the sometimes unexpected insights gleaned. In this day and age of "info overload" the worth of such sorts of inquiry are obvious, and seem to require a sort of gift for it as well as determination to work it through and look for relevant data in a way a bit different, but perhaps not completely divorced, from going the other way around, i.e. from theoretical mathematics to deduction and investigation of "the fit". My only complaint is it is a little repetitive and just maybe their findings are not always the "complete truth" of a given matter (but better a few "partial truths" than "full false truths"). Half star off for over repetition, but since don't see that option I went with 4 stars, but it's very interesting, enough to look forward to more from said authors and as my "title to review" indicates, I think they do well to continue with their research and write about it.

Dyoungster ,

Must Read

Fantastic book, keeps your attention the whole time. Great ideas and theories. High recommend reading. Easy to read and understand.

BJ Nemeth ,

Highly Recommended

Freakonomics is an interesting look at a wide variety of phenomenon, using the statistical analysis of economics to prove or disprove the conventional wisdom.

I love this book because it puts facts and proof up against theories and feel-good answers. The authors even dwell on politically incorrect topics (linking an increase in abortion to a decrease in crime, and showing that backyard swimming pools kill more children than guns) if that's where the data leads them.

This book should be required reading in Journalism school, though I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of their profession.

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