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Do Your Dreams Seem Out of Reach?

If you have a dream, then you have a destiny.

In his inspiring new book, From Dream to Destiny, Robert Morris prompts you to ask yourself, How do I travel from the dream to the destiny--and what happens on the way?

Each of us is given a dream by God--it's the notion that sets our hearts racing by the mere thought of it. Unfortunately, most people never see their dream come to pass, so they never fulfill the destiny that God has in store for them. Robert Morris tells readers exactly how to make their dream into the reality for which they long. Using the example of Joseph in the Old Testament, Pastor Robert shows how God gave Joseph a dream and then promptly took him through 10 character-building tests that lasted 13 years. These tests assessed Joseph's strengths and weaknesses--from pride to purity--and they are the same tests that each of us must pass before God lets us realize our dream.

Find out what the tests are and if you are passing or failing them, and get ready to begin fulfilling the destiny that God has in store for you.

Religion & Spirituality
March 6
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Pete 0624 ,

From Dream to Destiny

This is must reading for men. My journey parallels Joseph’s journey, wondering what God has planned for me. Once He was distant now enjoying a divine love relationship deepening each day. Since my near death experience resulting from a cycling accident, laying in the trauma observation bed asking God is this the way you are taking me. I guess He has other plans for Kingdom Building.

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