From Glowing Embers

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Former lovers are reunited as a hurricane approaches the island of Oahu.

Once, Julianna was plain Julie Ann, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks

who dared to love the son of the town's most powerful family. Gray loved

her, too, and married her to give their unborn child a name, but sometimes

love isn't enough. Ten years later they meet again. She is successful,

beautiful, and certain that a decade ago he betrayed her, but despite their

painful past, both are helpless to deny a love that never died.   As secrets

are slowly revealed and new and surprising friendships develop with other

refugees from the storm, the past and present come together in one

tumultuous explosion.

From Glowing Embers is the first book of a four book series set among four

islands in the Pacific.  Smoke Screen, Rainbow Fire and Out of the Ashes

follow, featuring characters introduced here.

July 11
Emilie Richards
Emilie Richards

Customer Reviews

She who hardly complains ,

Pretty Good

Background stories are sad but realistic. Wonder why Granger pushes so hard when you see the world & background Juliana comes from. But you want her to have a happy ending. She deserves one. Would love to find out more about the Aussie though :)

Marge_Roberts ,

Storms Erupt!

It is difficult to get through hardships that happen in life. Some incidences scar you so much that a person can feel like there is no happiness or love in the future. This beautifully written novel takes you through the lives of Julianna, who had once been Julie Ann Mason and Gray Sheridan. They were married when Julie Ann was 18 and Gray, 21, but a tragedy sent Julie Ann running, hiding, and alone. Her hurt caused her to change her name. Gray, who has had his own nightmares, finds her 10 years later, and they end up stranded with three others in a house in Honolulu, buckling down to get through Hurricane Eve. Julianna and Gray are forced to face each other, and Gray insists on exploring their lives in between, as neither of them have been able to move past the tragedy that occurred early in their marriage. The other main characters, Dillon, Paige, and eight-year-old Jody are a perfect balance during the storm, and each have their own strengths and determination to protect Jody and each other. I look forward to reading the other books in this Tales of the Pacific series. Emilie is brilliant in the way she gets her readers to learn to cope with the many things that can affect all of us.

yvonnetcruz ,

Wonderful beginning to a new series

The main characters in this book are Gray and Julianna/Julie Ann. It’s a story about the rich golden boy and the girl considered white trash by the town.
They met when they were young and formed a friendship which neither expected to flourish.
Life throws them some curveballs and after she disappeared 10 years ago, they meet again after Gray finds her. Both want closure, since their issues were never resolved.
But what draws me to this book is much more than the storyline.
Society tends to judge people by their status i and some might not understand that we are all equal. Also, when you are young , the obstacles we encounter can overwhelm us, and figures of authority might scare us as well. Lack of communication, assumptions, and heartaches make matters worse. As we get older we wonder if things might have been different had we had the maturity, and confidence that we now possess.
Will these two have a happy ending? Read the story and experience their journey. It’s part of a series , but is a standalone. Though I am ready to search for book 2.

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