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The fragile young woman, lying comatose in the ward of City Hospital in New Orleans, has no name and no memories. When she finally awakens, the one thing she can remember is a man's voice calling her back to consciousness. 

In all his years of training, no one has touched psychologist Joshua Martane in the same way, and he is determined to help her. Suspected prostitute. Near victim of a serial killer. Mystery surrounds who she is–and who she isn't.

One thing is certain. Joshua realizes he has become entranced with the woman he names Maggie. Therapists should never be involved with their patients, but Maggie quickly becomes more to him. Whatever her secrets, Joshua knows he has to help her find answers. For both their sakes.

June 15
Emilie Richards
Emilie Richards

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Marge_Roberts ,

Suspenseful and exciting

This suspense novel is about a lady who awakens from a five-month coma. She had been attacked and left for dead. Except for the nightmares she endures, she has no memory of who she is or what happened to get her to the present. Her psychologist, Joshua Martane, has a real interest in her well-being and in helping her rediscover herself. He lets her choose a temporary name, Maggie, and tries to keep her safe while she attempts to heal, redeem her memory, and regain her strength. In hiding once she leaves the hospital, they both want to unfold the mystery of her life and find out who wanted her dead, and the reasons for it. I really got into this story. I felt like I was part of the excitement New Orleans lives for, and could see the streets, the homes, and the wrought iron balcony railings extending from the buildings. I felt the hard driven rain and felt the danger lurking around Joshua and Maggie. This well written story, updated by Emilie Richards, deserved to be brought back to life. I loved it.

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