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Despite the onset of summer, Doctor Fantôme's Sanctuary of Voodoo in the French Quarter sends chills through psychologist Daphne Brookes. This is tourist voodoo, meant to shock and titillate. Daffy is fascinated by the man behind the counter, but less fascinated by the shop. One of her teenage clients may be under the influence of someone there.

Easy-going portrait artist Skeeter Harwood is briefly filling in for the shop's owner. Skeeter is more than the maverick people usually see. The man who sells caricatures on Jackson Square has caught the eye of a gallery owner in New York, and now he can create the art he really wants to–if he's willing to make the leap.

Skeeter must make another leap. He and Daffy have met before, and their latent attraction ignites immediately. Still, before they can move forward, Skeeter has to tell her the truth about his past. And Daffy, who has specialized in short-term relationships, must now face the reason why.

As Daffy and Skeeter delve deeper into the world of voodoo, danger is all around them. They must find a way to stop the exploitation of Daffy's client. But as they do, will they be able to overcome their own difficult pasts to find a future they can share?

August 15
Emilie Richards
Emilie Richards

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Marge_Roberts ,

Behind the scenes in New Orleans

Night Magic, so appropriately named, has voodoo, voudou, curses, darkness, and light. I was entranced about the good and evil involved. This book was exciting, scary, and dark at times, but the relationship between artist Skeeter Harwood and psychologist Daffy Brookes brings heart and light to the story. The characters from the previous books add to the friendships between longtime friends, Skeeter, Joshua, and Sam. This is a story that stands on its own, but the backgrounds of each these characters from the other two books make for a full and complete series. A group of teenagers who meet with Daffy are some of the characters in need of help. Highly influential, a lot can impress on the moods of these youngsters, and getting in dangerous unimaginable trouble weighs them down. Daffy has her work cut out for her. With Skeeter’s and psychologist Antoinette’s help, they try to end the evil. Skeeter is in my heart and has been since the beginning of this series. His and Daffy’s relationship has a lot of hurdles to conquer, especially on Daffy’s end. I really enjoyed this book and the whole series. Updating two books and writing the third was ingenious. I now have many new aspects of New Orleans and what lurks behind the scenes.

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