Fundamental Chest Radiology

Justin Laplante and Others
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Want to learn chest radiology? Here's an interactive textbook for your tablet: covering the most important and common topics in chest imaging, this ebook is like working at a PACS station—just higher yield!  It's also approachable for all non-radiologists, from medical students and residents to clinicians. 

Whether you want to evaluate a new central venous catheter while on-call, order the right imaging study for a suspected pulmonary embolism, or simply understand the findings in a radiology report, Fundamental Chest Radiology covers it. 

Informed by years of experience, but written for the modern learner, this book provides a comprehensive yet relevant overview of chest imaging.  Interactive anatomy tutorials spell out every structure on a chest radiograph, and over 300 cases are provided as high-resolution, annotated images, so you’ll actually see the findings!

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    June 20
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    Customer Reviews

    Askarakatiski ,

    A+ Content, but needs improvement

    This iBook reflects what was probably a labor intensive process with plentiful attention to detail. I think the chapters are concise, well organized, easy to read, and flow naturally from one subject to the next. The tables, illustrations, photographs, and clinical images are of quality and high resolution; something rarely seen on digital publications. A combination of illustrations superimposed over clinical images aides in quick visualization of anatomical structures and localization. The book suggests an efficient and simple chest X-ray search pattern. Pathological processes are well described on CT and X-ray; and to a much lesser extent scintigraphy, DSA and dynamic fluoroscopy.

    Overall, this is a great resource for anyone in the medical field who wants to quickly learn basic chest anatomy, imaging techniques and how to diagnose main pathologic processes on chest images. If there had been something like this available during my internship or my first year as a radiology resident, life would have been a lot easier. This iBook will also be useful to those in practice needing a quick concise refresher; like me.

    There is always room for improvement. The book badly needs a main table of contents at the very beginning so the user can click a link and immediately jump directly to specific chapters or subsections of interest. The book has thirteen chapters and swiping your finger 13 times back and forward is not pleasant or convenient. Just imagine if the book had fifty chapters. Each chapter has its own table of contents on the first page, but that is not sufficient; at least not for me. The table of contents on the first page of each chapter may be longer than displayed but that is impossible to know unless you try to scroll up or down. It lacks contrast with the background which really makes it impossible to realize it is a scrollable content list. There should be contrast between the boxed table of contents and the background, as well as a short message indicating if scrolling up will reveal additional lines(ie: "scroll up to see more" or arrows). An index, some basic references, contact info and website info could be useful but not necessary.

    Prostudent84 ,

    Great book for a medical student

    I recently bought this book for my medical student radiology rotation. I really liked it, and feel like it prepared me well for my time on chest (I was at least able to nail some of their pimping questions). It was easy to read, and has great quality images that are grouped together by topic. It contained about the right level of detail for me as an M4.

    I would echo Askarakatiski's comments that an overall table of contents would be nice. There is a search feature, which helps somewhat with navigation. Some wikipedia-like cross-referencing would also be helpful (e.g. link back to the definition of ground-glass opacities when it is discussed later).

    Overall, great book, and a great value for $15.

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