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Family is number one; whether they are blood related or patched in.

At thirteen-years-old, the bastard son of an a*****e who wanted me to fail, I learned that lesson.

Thanks to one man.

Liam Walker raised me, taught me how to be an adult, and loved the hell out of my mother, me, and my sisters. He funneled my anger into productiveness when teenage me lost the love of his life. Because of him, I knew how to love her when she came back. His dedication to me and my sisters was the example I needed when my twins were born.

Tracing his footsteps may not have been my birthright, but him turning over the president patch to me is what I’ve waited for since I was thirteen. Calm, cool, and collected – that’s how he ran The Heaven Hill MC – and it’s how I’ve run it too.

Until now.

Ambushed on our own streets. Fighting an enemy we didn’t know we had. Innocent people hurt all because of a misguided sense of entitlement.

The difference between me and Liam? I have anger I’ve held back, kept my emotions under control for half my life, been the loving man I’m supposed to be, but for this piece of shit who threatened us? I’m about to unleash something he’s never seen before.

My fury.

June 1
Laramie Briscoe Books
Heather Hays

Customer Reviews

Jjhvff ,


I loved the book and whole series I couldn’t put it down. I hope she does a follow up book to reveal what happens between Dalton and Mandy!

K.D. N. ,

Heaven Hill MC Generations Books 1 - 3

I enjoyed these easy reads so much, fun to read about the kids grown up and taking over for the parents! Highly recommend ♥️

Samantha B. Sokol ,


WOWZERS GET READY FOR THE FEELINGS! I think in all MC books, when there is a traitor among the group, readers feel strongly about it, but holy crap the outrage towards Laramie was in my opinion, unwarranted. Personally, I loved how it came out who the traitor was, and to see a little bit of how the traitor affected not only the MC but also the people closest to him was really interesting to me. I like to call these types of books fillers, because it focused on a previous couple and filled in some gaps or a climactic part of the series’ life. This book honestly made me more excited to get the next book to see what happens after all this went down, because I’m interested to see how they rebuild and recover after the betrayal but also finding out why the traitor did what he did. The suspense was the biggest focal point of this storyline and I couldn’t get enough, especially because Laramie kept me continuously guessing throughout the book on who the traitor was. To me it became a game to figure it out, and from there also figuring out why. Love this series, love these characters, love this author.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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