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The horny ghost is back from the grave and hankering for female flesh.
A sexy divorcee is an easy target!
Great value trilogy of the first three books in this hot erotica series:


Violated by the Ghost: The entity had slept for some ninety years and recognised nothing of his old stamping ground in the London Docklands. He hungered for what he had sought all his life: female flesh. Inside a block of flats he found plenty to satisfy his need.

Possessed for Sex: He was awake again and hankered after the female flash that had driven him; both before and after his death. But this time he was focused on just one: divorcee Felicity. The creature sensed her repressed desire and was about to bring that sharply into focus for her. Her disturbing dreams were about to manifest into something a lot more real and satisfying.

Ghostly G******g: Three years had passed with the ghost and divorcee Flis had no need for any other lover. He gave her all she needed and more. In fact too much! Whenever he arrived back, he seemed to have so much pent up frustration, she was hardly enough for him. Her solution was simple. She invited a few friends around for a little orgy. Unfortunately, they didn't believe in ghosts. But they would!

˃˃˃ Extract:

Michael didn’t know what was happening but somehow there was someone or something touching her and she was coming with him. He felt sick and impotent but he was about to feel a lot worse.

Rebecca had never felt as charged as she did at that moment. Her whole body was alive. She had felt the intruder take her harder than she could imagine. She felt him move inside her, even as she looked straight through the space he must have been occupying and now she felt him withdraw. The weight of him moved from her and she was able to relax.

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April 12
Erotic Dreams
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