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The daughter they never knew 

When Miles Jenkins sees the graceful young figure skater on TV, he can't believe how much she resembles Lark McGee, the girl he dated briefly in college. Could this aspiring star be the child Lark gave up for adoption eighteen years ago? He has to find out. 

Locating Lark ignites conflicting emotions in Miles—including regrets for what might have been and romantic feelings that take the two single parents by surprise. As they prepare to meet their daughter, this deeper connection between the two just might be the chance at love they never got.

June 1
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Lynn B888 ,


4 1/2 STARS!

The meaning of a second chance is personified in Virginia McCullough’s debut Harlequin Heartwarming novel! A yearning … pushed to the wayside. A connection … born, yet not developed. Regret … a daily reminder. Could she truly have a second chance with the daughter she gave away? Is it possible for him to even realize the amount of hope he’s handed her? In this story, we meet a couple who made the young sacrifice to give their child up for adoption, then went their separate ways and developed their own lives after college. We hear the ups and downs of their lives, feel the weight of past decisions and watch them reach their grown up potential before our very eyes. The characters are well developed, their story is well thought out and leads us into the turmoil they are feeling from the first chapter. Ideally I would have wanted the ending to happen earlier in the book so we could have seen a little more of what happened after such a build-up, but overall, a great read and a satisfying resolution!

Happenstance brings a young skater to Miles Jenkins attention. She’s beautiful with coloring similar to his, yet with a grace and familiar attributes that remind him of a girl long ago. Tidbits of her life being talked about by the commentators make him wonder … that face makes him unable to not act … the heaviness in his heart has him reaching out to the one person who will understand.

Lark McGee can’t believe she’s getting a call from Miles after all this time. Is he remembering what day it is too? Hearing his voice and the story he has to tell her is life changing! Meeting up with him again … sharing memories … discussing where life took them … sharing a yearning of what might be. Can life be rewritten when you meet the person at the wrong time once, but the right time later? Can this connection they are feeling be real?

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