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He's a Special Forces veteran making his pro hockey debut. She's a dogged sports reporter determined to get a scoop. She's also his best friend's widow . . .

Fans can’t get enough of Levi Hunt, the military veteran who put his NHL career on hold to serve his country and fight the bad guys. So when his new Chicago Rebels bosses tell him to cooperate with the press on a profile, he’s ready to do his duty. Until he finds out who he has to work with: flame-haired, freckle-splashed, impossibly perky Jordan Cooke.

The woman he should not have kissed the night she buried her husband, Levi’s best friend in the service.

Hockey-stick-up-his-butt-serious Levi Hunt might despise Jordan for reasons she can’t fathom—okay, it’s to do with kissing—but her future in the cutthroat world of sports reporting hangs on delivering the goods on the league’s hottest, grumpiest rookie. So what if he’s not interested in having his life plated up for public consumption. Too bad. Jordan will have to play dirty to get her scoop and even dirtier to get her man. Only in winning the story, she might just lose her heart …

In this standalone romance set in the Chicago Rebels world, a new generation of players take to the ice and learn that all’s fair in love and hockey.

July 30
Kate Meader LLC
Kate Meader LLC

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KSP91301 ,

Great Series Kickoff!

Good Guy is a great start to Kate Meader’s new Rookie Rebels series. The heroine and hero are opposites attract in every way, making for entertaining interactions. Jordan is fun, social, the epitome of the curious journalist. Levi, on the other hand, is quiet—almost broody—watchful, and goes to great lengths to keep his private life private. Tensions mount when Jordan is persistent in uncovering his secrets and motivation for starting a pro hockey career at an age when most athletes are retiring.

There is a slow build up to the romance and customary steam delivered by this author. At times it’s almost overshadowed by the many other threads happening, some with the main characters and others setting up future installments. Without revealing any spoilers, there is a lot packed into this story. Those that impacted Jordan and Levi were resolved. Surely the others will be in time.

The Rookie Rebels introduces a fun new cast everyone is sure to love. One of Levi’s teammates almost stole the show with his adorableness. Hopefully he’ll receive his own story sooner rather than later. Only time will tell if he’ll be paired with the brusque character who’s hiding secrets. What I loved most is catching up with several of my favorite characters from the Chicago Rebels and Hot In Chicago series. It was a welcome but unexpected surprise.

Good Guy probably could be enjoyed without reading the previous two series, but I highly recommend at least reading the Chicago Rebels first. It will make the cameos that much more entertaining.

3.75 stars

Agent$$$$ ,

Second Chances

Levi Hunt put his NHL hockey career on hold to serve his country. While deployed, his best friend is killed and he’s devastated. Returning home to attend his service, Levi reconnects with Jordan. The girl who got away, his one BIG regret. Prior to Jordan marrying his best friend, he had eyes for her but never asked her out. His best friend beat him to the punch, asking her out first. So she’s now off-limits! After his passing, Levi gets caught up in emotions and kisses Jordan. Yet another regret...

Jordan put her career on hold after marrying. While she didn’t regret it, she now finds it difficult to make it in the male-dominated career of sports reporting. Not only do woman sportscasters have to put up with their counterparts thinking they can’t possibly report on sports as they do, but they also have to endure sexual harassment. If they report an incident, they’re viewed as “not tough enough”. When Jordan catches her big break, she does everything she can to get the story in order to be taken seriously. Little does she know her story is her biggest regret.

Such an amazing story! Kate Meader takes serious topics and weaves them into an amazing storyline. Sexual harassment, homelessness, service dogs, are all difficult topics on their own. I loved that Levi was so protective of his friends at the food bank. Levi didn’t want or need the attention or accolades. I enjoyed Jordan’s antics and her ability to get Levi to open up. Once Levi realized he was a better teammate, player, and friend once he opened up to the idea that he deserved a good life—wow! What a transformation! I can’t wait to read about the other Rebel players! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Love a broody hero!

Kate Meader brings us a new series set in the same world as her Chicago Rebels world. Our first main couple is Levi Hunt and Jordan Cooke.

Good Guy is all about a second chance. Levi and Jordan are both given a second chance at a career. Levi with an NHL career with the Chicago Rebel’s after his stint as a Green Beret. Jordan, a sports journalist after she set it aside to be a young bride. And 5 years after losing her husband, Jordan and Levi are given a second chance at love.

Levi’s decision to become a war hero before an NHL star is big news but he’s a very private person. That previous connection Jordan has with Levi has made her a shoe in for the journalist to get his story, but it won’t be as easy as every thinks.

Levi has not had an easy upbringing and he isn’t open to sharing anything but his hockey career publicly. He doesn’t realize what an inspiration he is. The title of a good Guy really is an apt description for him. He’s honorable and protective but very private and a bit moody.

I’m not much of a fan of journalist because they are usually portrayed as people who will do anything for a story. I was happy to see that Jordan is the opposite of all that. She is just as honorable as Levi. She can get the story the the right way.

I really liked both main characters. Levi is that broody H that I love, and Jordan was a fun heroine that handles difficult situations the way I like to see. We also get to see the author focus on the imbalance of women’s treatment in a male dominated world.

I loved all the new characters to this group of people as well as seeing some old favorites. I’m looking forward to more in the series!

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