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A short story and prequel to the epic science fiction fantasy series, the Grand Masters' Galaxy.

When Grand Master Griffin investigates a wrecked spacecraft, his efforts to rescue the survivors lead to feline disruptions of his plans.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 22
Aurora Springer
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

TFDrifterJJRX ,

Good story that purrs along.

The Grand Masters Cat

The book starts with an unique premise: in the assumption of it s possible to become so focused on accessing and using psi energies, you have an option to not only master them, but to go a step beyond — to the theoretical “Grand Master “ stage of all esoteric sciences.

Athanor -prefer s the term “Griffin”-is hunting for signs of the ancients -since he became a Grand Master, he can last months using his psi energies without food and water- being able to teleport between different points in the galaxy helps too.

The Ixioths are the aliens who are attacking the locals (a large collective group of planets and species supported by Space Corps). The Space Corps have bases all over to aid the peoples they protect.

The Griffin went to visit a pawn who used to work for him to get his help with someone he had rescued from a slavers ship.

When he returned to his base/home the kitten -Rascal- was starving. So after resting for a few days, he went back to the planet where his old pawn lived only to find it under attack by the Ixioths. One great thing about Grand Masters is by controlling psi energies they can handle fighting.

After sending the mothership out of the galaxy, returning home with his old pawn, Zoe (the pawn s wife, and Rascal). Then resting again. Years pass, and the search continues. His search is to find / learn how they gained their reputed psi powers.

To learn the rest, you ll have to read this book and the ones that follow ....

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