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The Angel Groucho Horse Whips Nixon's Ghost.

Married women can't see the dead crook, but Groucho and the Jewish Angel Brothers fly Nixon's Ghost to California, to teach a newly-elected dork how to be great. The order? "Ride a horse and save America." If 37 resigns from Limbo, then we don’t not have Nixon to not kick around anymore. Maybe absurd politics can make America laugh again? Or maybe "America’s long national nightmare" is back.

Who's Nixon? A dead president. A ghost. America's long national nightmare.

Who's the Angel? Groucho knows the Secret Word. It's a common word that no one uses anymore.... Please...

And who is the dork? Vote for him and he gets elected.

Who are his friends? Two married women, who are the central love story characters.

The dork is clueless about politics, so a dead president get stuck teaching how to be great... or, 'near great' anyway.

Nixon's Ghost knows everything there is about shit. And time. And the rules of politics.

The Angel knows that Limbo wants to know, "How low can you go?" The Angle -- and his brothers, Harpo and Chico -- have a job. Shut down Limbo. Only politicians empty the trash. If Nixon begs to resign, then make him earn the ticket out of Limbo.

Nixon's Ghost gives the dork an easy job: "Ride a horse and save America."

Let's just see what a dork on a horse experiences when America is ripping itself apart by hate.

The three Jewish Angel Brothers put down their coffee, and ride the carousel of time, and deliver the dork to Long Beach, California, where he shows just what it means to be a ghost.

And the women? Lori Lewis and December Carrera know what love truly means.

Fiction & Literature
May 27
Billy Orton
Smashwords, Inc.

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A hope for change novel ,

Get back on the horse

I really was interested in your book I did not hasatait to read your book it was fabulous I lived thank you for the good experience.Also liked how u Made in detail what u wanted to write about .

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