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Do you love growing things... like flowers... herbs... or vegetables? Do you want to garden... but don't have the yard space to grow anything? If so, then you've found the right book!

Everyone loves greenery! The fresh feeling... the sense of life... and homegrown vegetables.

Gardens increase the quality of your home -- making them livelier with a garden and the greenery. As a culture, in our everyday hectic lives, we've become too sterilized and cut off from our roots in nature and that's why we need parks, plants, and gardens. Without them, something just seems missing. But many of us don't live in a place that has room for a garden or a lot of plants... We either don't have the yard-space, or we don't want to make a mess with all the soil.

But there's a way around these obstacles...Hydroponic gardening is a form of gardening that doesn't use soil. Instead, you take advantage of light, air, and water. You use some other medium than soil to grow your plants, or sometimes nothing at all. There are many different ways to grow plants with hydroponics, but the basic concept is the same.

With hydroponics you’ll be able to use modern techniques to grow plants where plants couldn't grow before -- Like your apartment…Or dorm room…Or wherever!
All that matters is that you can now grow more plants in more places than you thought possible.

Without hydroponics, you could be missing out on some great opportunities to grow that garden you've always wanted.

But most people have no idea how to even start with hydroponics because they just don't know the fundamentals of it.

This is a complete guide to hydroponics written in simple, understandable language so that you can easily learn all there is to know about growing a great garden with a hydroponic system. Things like:

- The History of Hydroponics: The intriguing history of hydroponics past!
- An Introduction To Hydroponics: Get started on the right foot
- Hydroponics Breakdown: Grow a great garden by knowing what your plants need and how to get it to them
- The Future Of Hydroponics: Start gardening now and be ahead of the curve
- NASA and Hydroponics: Learn how hydroponic gardening is taking us into space
- Advantages To Hydroponics: Why you should start growing with hydroponics
- Hydroponics Know-How: Grow better plants by avoiding some common pitfalls
- Starting With Hydroponics... How to start growing with success straight out of the shoot
- The "Hardy Zone" And Hydroponics: Be a gardening success with this invaluable resource
- Hydroponic Systems: Find out which system is right for you
- Do-It-Yourself Hydroponics: Start seeing results today!
- Hydroponic Plans: The right system for the right plant
- Hydroponic Gardening Tips: Grow an amazing garden with these simple, yet powerful pointers
- Plus much, MUCH MORE!

This just scratches the surface of what in this book. If you've ever been interested in hydroponics, but didn't know where to start, then this book will get you started on the right foot. It contains everything you need to know to help you grow an amazing garden with hydroponics today.

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July 1
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Customer Reviews

Misselissalk ,

Just ok, lacking in areas

There was a lot of information in this book about hydroponics, but not much of which was practical or useful to me. It talks a lot about the history and benefits of hydroponics and discusses several ready made kits you can buy, but when it gets to the part about building your own system, it just refers you to the internet or other books. I was hoping it would actually have a list of materials with suggestions about where i could go to buy the items plus step by step instructions with pictures on how to put it together. Also detailed instructions on how to care for everything once in place. But there was none of that in this book. Disappointing. :(

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