Growing Up on Rt. 66

Farm Life Outside Ocoya, Illinois

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Growing Up on Rt. 66 is the memoir of two farm siblings, Ray born 1935 and Theresa 1944. They lived on a 200-acre tenant farm on the 100-milepost from downtown Chicago with their gravel driveway leading out to the legendary Rt. 66. Early life for them was no running water, electricity, or central heating but lots of interdependence with the land, weather, neighbors, and each other as a family of four.

Rt. 66 travelers brought them a different kind of exposure to the outside world, but rarely changed the character of what rural life was like.

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August 28
Theresa Ripley
Theresa Ripley

Customer Reviews

Bongo:drum ,

A Sweet Read

I was expecting a mini-history of Rt. 66. What I got was much sweeter! A recollection of a farming family in years gone by. It's a small piece of American apple pie, both relatable to a common experience and as unique as each family is. Open it and laugh a little, then cry a little. Fans of primary source history of the common man must be sure to read it!

Dougi do rite ,

Growing Up on Rt. 66

The author with her flowing of simple words takes you through a simpler time when things were just a little bit slower and in my opinion a little bit better. She shows you the strength of the working class and the bond of a family. Living on Route 66, she brings the old road back to life in her stories and in the readers mind, if the reader is old enough, and this reader was.
I loved the stories and found myself recalling similar times in my own life......Thank You Ms. Ripley

Reddmom ,

So interesting

I greatly enjoyed the look into the author's family and childhood. The respect, the simple acceptance and the intelligence of the family was clear. I wish more of current families, including my own, modeled the Ripley family values.

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