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Hacking The Core explains entrepreneurship in the tech startup world in a refreshing way. Pulling no punches, the author draws from 2 decades of experience as a startup CEO, strategist, M&A consultant and investor.

The book explains how to tap into the creativity and innovation that we all have hidden inside of us and how to apply it to launching and growing a startup business. It looks at all areas of a business launch to uncover areas of innovation, differentiation, design thinking.

Hacking The Core is based on principles of common sense, honesty vs. “fake it ’til you make it” and humility in success. It will show you how to lead instead of follow trends, how to create true disruption in and market segment.

There are several personal anecdotes from the author and explanations of his own motivations and mentors in his long startup business path. 

About the author

Tom Nora is an entrepreneur, startup CEO, blogger and business mentor. He has led and mentored over 2 dozen venture-backed technology companies, 5 of them as President and CEO. He has extensive experience in funding, mergers, acquisitions and IPOs. 

In 2011 Tom launched The Scalable Startup in Santa Monica, California to help tech startups launch and  grow by providing mentoring, funding, community and strategy consulting. The same year Tom also started publishing the popular blog The Startup CEO.

In 2014 he decided to write a series of books on the startup world and his experiences. This was in response to the continuous requests for help he receives from early stage entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs. Hacking The Core is the first of these books to be published, focusing on innovation and originality.

Tom is also a lifelong fine art photographer and oil painter.

“ Amazing. Tom rocks ”  — JOHN HENRY

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March 4
Tom Nora
Tom Nora

Customer Reviews

Receipt manager 101 ,

One of the best books on startup

I read this book while I was making a trip to San Francisco so it was a nice addition to my trip, especially when I had a free time and needed something to kill time.

This is one of the best books I've ever read on startups. Tom, through his decades of experiences in High tech, offers great insights to the past and today's startup world. The book really dives into the philosophical aspect of it. Kind of develops your startup mindset.

Also I really liked how this book was organized and designed: Beautiful design and photos, easy to read, and short chapters.

Personally I felt guilty when Tom talked about wantrepreneurs and hustlers, for I thought I belonged to that group as well. Nonetheless I think such categorization was imperative because that's what is really going on in the startup world these days.

This is a book I actually want to introduce to people who are going to Startup Meetups and others who want to have startups.

Hacking The Core is divided into two books. This one was first part. I really can't wait to see the next one.

zucks uncle ,

Common Sense, Honesty and Humility in Success

Hacking The Core explains entrepreneurship in the tech startup world in a refreshing way. Pulling no punches, the author draws from 2 decades of experience as a startup CEO, strategist, M&A consultant and investor.

In the sea of startup books that dwell on lean strategies and do it yourself blueprints, here comes a refreshing view from a true Silicon Valley insider as well as outsider- Tom Nora. Tom offers his own rich autobiography to combine multiple disciplines like mechanical engineering, art, design, software development, creativity and curiosity as main ingredients for a successful startup and continuous innovation engine.

Knowing Silicon Valley phenomenon, its beginnings and heydays, writer breaks down its societal value and calls on other regions not to mimic but promote their own uniqueness. Book is peppered with Tom’s own slice of Americana photography as well as interesting encounters with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Jack Dorsey that are not necessarily centered just around engineering, but mutual love of design, automobiles and art.

Author often juxtapositions successful and innovative organizations (Google, Facebook) vs stale and rigid (Yahoo, HP) through their own business positives and negatives. At the same time Tom offers a path for individuals to introspect their own knack for entrepreneurialism. Are you an entrepreneur or wantrepreneur? Cantrepreneur or freelancer? There is a good chance you will find out after reading this book.