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“A edgy, dark, scorching romance that is filled to the brim with intense heat, a fascinating plot that is both decadent and breathtaking, and characters that are truly amazing.” – Marie, Amazon reviewer

An epic modern romance between...

Hades, ruler of the diamond mine

Persephone, innocent virgin

This is the complete King of Shadows trilogy in one collection.

Threats. Murder. Kidnapping. Luther Hades will do anything to own me. I make a bargain and sign his contract. Part of me fears the cruel billionaire. The other part of me wonders whether there's something in him worth redeeming.

Except he's hiding secrets in this mountain. They shake the earth beneath my feet. How can I fall in love with a man this dangerous?

"Breathtaking, intense, and scorching hot, this is the modern myth I've been waiting for." -New York Times Bestselling Author Skye Warren

April 20
Amelia Wilde
Amelia Wilde

Customer Reviews

Rinsky13 ,


Epic, epic, epic!!!! That is what this is!! All the Hades & Persephone, plus BONUS, all in one spectacular book. You can’t beat that!! This is my first time reading Hades, because I started with Zeus. I am so glad I finally got to jump in to his story. And read them all one right after the other. I felt all the emotions while reading this. Their intensity was all consuming. And it explains so much in their world, the relationships, the past, and leads you to those other epic stories!! And again, bonus stories! Love Love Love!!!

love2read1126 ,

Hot and steamy trilogy

OMGosh!! This was such a great read. I love when Amelia writes dark romance. This is a retelling and updated version of Persephone and Hades. I was hooked into this story once I started and couldn’t put it down until I was finished. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. I highly recommend getting this complete trilogy. Amelia did such a superb job with the King of Shadows series. King of Shadows- Persephone has only known what her mother, Demeter tells her. She has been so sheltered and has been told to never trust Hades, and if she sees him, to run. Hades lives in his mansion that is built onto the mountain. He makes deals with people all the time and these people owe him in one way or another. When Persephone trades her life for Decker, Hades sees a plan form in his mind and accepts it. What happens between them turns into more than a deal they made. These two realize that they need each other and instead of running away from Hades, Persephone wants to run to him. Will these two be able to have what they want or will it be torn apart? I love the start Hades and Persephone’s story. This is dark, suspenseful and a little twisted with an alpha that will do whatever it takes to keep the object he is starting to care for with him forever. Summer Queen- Hades is a man on a mission. He wants Persephone back and is willing to break rules to do it. Persephone wants to know the truth and know more about Hades. She will get some truths, but at a price. Nothing is free, especially when it comes to Hades. This is a dark and intense read. Truths will leave you going wth. 😳 Persephone and Hades have this undeniable connection, and amazingly scorching hot chemistry. As amazing as it is, it is also confusing to them both. Their feelings for each other is intense and they both feed off each other. Hades needs Persephone and Persephone needs Haded. They complete each other, and Persephone is proving she is the Queen for her King. Together they will not back down from anything. I can’t wait for their conclusion. This story/series has been my favorite so far. It is dark and filled with action, suspense and twists and turns. Midnight Kingdom- We have watched these two fall in love with each other, but they will have to fight all the forces coming at them to win. This is filled with drama, suspense, intense moments (physical and emotional), and twists and turns. Hades may be a grade A a******, but Persephone loves that about him. These two are so hot and steamy with some dark deliciousness. This was a sinfully dark and wonderfully updated version of Hade and Persephone’s story.

Ashel05 ,

This book owned me!

This was sooooo much everything!!! All the shiny moonlit stars!!!

I loved Hades and Persephone’s tale...

Hades. Brother to three. Friend to none.
Persephone. Daughter to one, and everything to another.

This was a fabulously dark fairy tale about how true love doesn’t always look the same.

And crazy looks the same regardless of the trappings.

Persephone has been kept away from everything her whole life. Her mom , well she’s no mom at all.

She sees a way to get to freedom and realizes to late this may be more than she was ready for.

I adored this. I am in love with this couple!

The flash forwards at the end of the book were everything!

If your looking for a dirty, possessive, dark fairy tale, look no further!’

5+ moonlit stars!!!

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