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The Summer Nights Anthology is a collection of novellas in the Hale Street series, including Soft Spot by Amy Knupp, More Than Words by Natasha Lake, and Kiss Me, Cooper by Emily Leigh.


Asia Knowles’ life has been on a downhill slide for as long as she can remember, but with her promotion at work and her new apartment on charming Hale Street, things are finally starting to look up. When a polished and persistent CEO barges into her world, Asia does what she can to keep her less-than-polished background to herself. The more she says no to a date, the more determined he becomes to change her mind.

Jackson Lowell has worked hard for everything he has—perhaps, as his best friend points out, a little too single-mindedly. When his friend challenges him to go on a “real” date, not a business function with a blind date, Asia Knowles seems like the perfect choice. Everything from her sunshine-bright outfits to her don’t-get-too-close vibe draws him in. And her penchant for saying no, well…it might just be the biggest challenge he’s encountered yet. Luckily he’s learned that the bigger the challenge, the bigger the payoff.


Roxanne Giardini’s greatest life achievement is writing a cat food jingle. She yearns to do more with her life, but it isn’t until she tours an old recording studio that she develops a plan for her future. The building is destined to become a pile of rubble and Roxie has only weeks to save it. Fine-tuning her strategy turns out to be easier than ignoring the man working against her - the tall, handsome financial planner who makes her want to write love songs rather than business proposals.

Will Darden deals in facts and numbers. He’s used to being the voice of reason in Hale Street’s choir of dreamers, and the hard truth is the old recording studio has to go. His proposal is solid, every detail double-checked. Then a lyricist with a stubborn streak as wide as the blue strip in her hair makes it her mission to save the crumbling wreck and detonates his perfect plan. But her effect on him is what really shakes his foundation.

When the dreamer and the realist fight for the future of the old recording studio, will they be able to come up with anything More Than Words?


Georgia Montgomery left behind a promising future when she left home following a tragedy. As a paralegal at an up-and-coming law firm on idyllic Hale Street in Nashville, Georgia buried her past – and her dreams – to build a new life. Convincing Cooper Quinn, a reclusive and cranky-but-oh-so-devastating bookstore owner, to open up is part of her new life plan.

Cooper's quiet bookstore life suits him just fine, and he's determined to avoid the chaos that inevitably follows Georgia. She's strong and loud and beautiful. Indestructible. But when one frustrated kiss leads to a thousand, Cooper realizes there is more to Georgia than meets the eye and her force-of-nature personality just might be destined to change his world forever.

Can you call it running away when you find the place you were always meant to be?

October 24
Lake House Books
Amy L. Knupp

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