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Learn calculus the fun way, with dozens of hands-on interactives that let you explore the subject and over 10 hours of animated video explanations. In Hands-On Calculus, you'll never go more than a minute without interacting with our Virtual Tutor, and you can even log in to track your progress.

This textbook covers the first two semesters of the typical high school or college calculus course, including:

All 3 chapters from Hands-On Precalculus (functions, limits, and series)
Definition of the derivative
Derivatives of common functions
Addition, product, and quotient rules
Chain rule and implicit differentiation
Second and higher derivatives
Linear approximations
L'Hopital's rule
Integrals and Riemann sums
Fundamental theorem of calculus
Integration by parts, u-substitution, and partial fractions
Why all of this matters!

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December 6
School Yourself
School Yourself, LLC
Grades 9-17

Customer Reviews

Bradzepfan ,

Very well done

Very well done. However, many more of the end chapter problems should have hints/solutions provided on request. Fix this and I will bump up to five stars.

Marshalwalt ,

Problems and strength

I find the course to be easy to understand. However, the program is not stable and crashes frequently. If the stability problem is fixed, it would be worth using. However, in the present form, it would be better to find a different program

Cliffjd ,

Entertaining lessons

Combines short text sessions with graphics and then short talks and a few problems. Tutorials are provided if you are having challenges with the problems. A lot more enjoyable then even the dummies books.

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