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Learn precalculus the fun way, with 60 dynamic video lessons and 30 hands-on interactives that let you explore the subject. In Hands-On Precalculus, you'll never go more than a minute without interacting with our Virtual Tutor. We don't do the proofs in this book, you do! So get ready to get schooled!

This book covers:

- different types of functions (including linear, quadratic, polynomial, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, conic, polar, parametric, and inverse)

- limits (including finite, infinite, left, and right limits)

- sequences and series (including arithmetic series, geometric series, convergence, divergence, convergence tests, partial sums, and sequential differences)

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September 28
School Yourself
School Yourself, LLC
Grades 7-14

Customer Reviews

ggeometry ,

Unlike anything else out there

This is really not an ordinary book. It is very hands on and true to its title. It is really the first book I've seen that truly is interactive, and it actually makes me WANT to learn. It's amazing how they take boring abstract concepts and actually make them understandable and engaging!

PsyOppa ,

Effective way to learn precalculus

I loved how precalculus was presented in this book. Everything is explained in a clear manner, and I found all the interactive elements fun to play with and great at teaching the concepts. The content is all very accessible and broken down into short, easy chunks. The hints in the book are also well-designed, and are a great addition when I got stuck on a problem; it really feels like having a familiar person explaining the concepts to me directly! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn precalculus in a fun way and I'm looking forward to their next book on calculus!

MichaelSZL ,

Compact, encouraging, and effective

Keeps even the most diffident of users optimistic and cumulatively more confident about learning math.

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