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Hearts Under Siege

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Hearts Under Siege by Natalie J. Damschroder

Brady Fitzpatrick has spent a decade burying the pain of a broken heart while working for SIEGE, an information-gathering spy agency. That it kept him away from his family as well as his best friend Molly has been an unfortunate side effect. But when his brother, also an agent, is killed during a foreign op, Brady is drawn into a web of intrigue that threatens the lives of everyone he loves…

Molly Byrnes has loved Brady forever. As his best friend and a de facto member of the Fitzpatrick family, she holds them together in their crushing grief. But as a member SIEGE's ground team, she doesn't buy the official line about Brady's brother's "accidental" death and launches her own investigation—only to uncover a shocking secret that she and Brady must get to the bottom of before their target finds them.

Tangled emotions land them in bed together, opening Brady's eyes to the incredible, fearless woman who's been there for him all his life. But after a lifetime of disappointment, how can Molly trust the possibility of a future with him…or if they can count on any future at all?

February 24
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

ReadingOverTV2 ,

Hearts Under Siege by Natalie J Damschroder

Hearts Under Siege by Natalie J Damschroder

Does everyone work for SIEGE? Apparently! ;)

Molly Byrnes and Brady Fitzpatrick have been friends for a long time. Just friends. Love at first sight hits Brady hard but it's his brothers fiancé Jessica that he falls for so he distances himself from his family.
Molly and Brady both work for SIEGE, a clandestine organization and when the horrifying news comes that his brother has been killed in an accident, things aren't quite as they seem. Now Molly and Brady are on a mission to determine what really happened and Brady starts to wonder how he could have walked away from Molly so easily.

I like smart and strong heroines and Molly is both. She loves Brady but is compassionate with Jessica whom she has every right to resent. That makes Molly a nice person in my opinion. Someone I'd like as a friend.
Brady needs to deal. And he does learn.
"Because for the last few days, he hadn’t quite been able to label his growing feelings for Molly. He’d questioned their origin, their reliability, even what they actually were. He’d wanted to explore them, see what happened when he tried to name them, share them with her. But every time she’d blocked his clumsy attempts...and he’d been kind of glad. It was safer, easier, that way.
Yet those emotions wouldn’t relinquish their hold. He kept coming back to poke and prod at them like a sore tooth."

A lot of action and story-weaving in this spy adventure story. A whole lotta twists and add-ons.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

LBDDiaries ,

Murder and humor, too!

Absolutely do not start this book late in the day if you want a good night's sleep. Or you don't want to end up in the wee hours of the morning groaning because you hate to put it down. I lasted until 4 a.m. when I finally had to give up and go to sleep!

From the very beginning (which elicits a snicker over a guy who won't take directions well while driving), you find everything that makes an excellent contemporary suspense with humor. You got your clueless-for-awhile hero, a saucy, smart (but not irritating) heroine, car-chases, wake-up-calls, an accident – or was it murder? – a victim, a grieving young widow – or is she? - witty repartee, spies vs. spies, and you are plunged into mystery, doom, heartache, loss, ups and downs, and more ups, frowns, smiles, confusion (are they bad or not?), sneaky clues that lead you astray, and a fast paced plot that carries you to the very end without letting you come up for air until the very last word.

This is Natalie Damschroder’s best yet! I really, really, really hated for it to end! If you like your mystery with a brisk pace, humor, mysterious clues, and a non-whiny, non-dramatic, very real heroine, you'll enjoy this book!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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