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It was a fine autumn day and Helen James was happy. Due to her last adventure to the Cytadul Galaxy with the ‘Visitants’, the Universe was intact. Today her year at school was going on a field trip to Beachy Head.
Helen always enjoyed school trips and had enjoyed her picnics on Beachy Head with her parents, before her father was killed in a car accident some years ago.
With her best friend Joan, they had devised a way in which they could get off the school coach first and race up to the edge of the cliff, so they could take photos of the Lighthouse, some 600 feet below.
All was going well with Joan was taking a photo of Helen and the Lighthouse when a gust of wind overbalanced Helen. As she transferred her weight to her right leg the ground under her foot gave way and she toppled over the cliff.
As Helen she started to fall towards the base of the cliff some 600 feet below she called out for “Hyming”. Why she should expect him to be close by she had no idea but the next thing she knew she was being engulfed by the blue haze of Hyming and lifted up into the sky and away.
This was not a rescue for she was needed at the Lambret Galaxy she was on her third adventure as a ‘Good’. Helen was being taken to the planet Chrilren in the Ewetert star system.
No young had been born on this planet for the last 10 years and soon the mothers would not be able to bring any young to life. Without young the planet would die.
Helen protested to Zacred, the ‘Visitants’ leader, that she was to young to be able to help and she did not understand these things but he insisted that as she was a ‘Good’ she could do it.
There were 3 separate beings on this planet, the mothers, the farmers and the builders. To produce young the builders had to meet with the mothers and then, 2 weeks later the farmers had to meet with them. The mothers would go into a trance and think of the young they were going to produce, some time later that young would be produced.
The problem was that under the instructions of the mothers leaders, no young farmers were being born so the farmers had refused to participate in the process of producing the young for the planet.
Helens task was to get the 3 different beings to realise the problem they were causing and the effects to their planet if they did not change their ways.
When Helen left Chrilren, she felt she had failed not only them but she soon had her own problems. Hyming always left Helen where he had found here. Today that was at the start of her 600 foot drop from the top of the cliffs at Beachy Head, to the beach below. Just in time Helen realised what he was about to do and asked him to place her on the beach. Now what was she to do?

Fiction & Literature
July 17
J.J. Maxwell
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